Prophetic Word - 2014

Dec 20, 2013

Dear Prophetic Partners in Destiny,

Every Year the Proceeding Word releases faith and His Enabling grace to strengthen and accelerate the development and maturity of those who believe. This proceeding NOW WORD fills our heart with a hope into a better and greater future. The prophetic element in the Word creates a sense of a new beginning, the breaking of a new dawn. It is the promise of God’s intervention into the affairs of men and their nation. His word will not return empty and void. It is the promise that God will move in among us and His people will move on forward and the devil will move out of our territory and land. God will explode into our situation with awesome deliverance and protection. God will put an expiry date on the works of the enemy and on the flesh breaking and cancelling the decree of debt and defeat, decay and deception.

When He speaks He redefines our spiritual position of stature and gives us an unfair advantage over the devil and our enemies. The favour and grace will fast forward the believer into the inheritance. This position of stature puts us on the plane where other people of similar frequency and destiny. This allows us to connect to other partners in destiny.

2014 is the Year of Extraordinary Prophetic Fulfilment, Provision, Protection & Progress

The prophetic word promised will be fulfilled. By faith and patience the proceeding word will come to pass (Heb 6:9-20). Let us press in for the better things that accompany our salvation. God will open the heavens securing the flow of abundant provision for us. Our days and the days of our sons will be like the days of heaven on earth (Deut 11:8-15, 18-25, 2 Cor 9:6-12). The prophetic word also assures us of God’s awesome protection for us and ours. He who dwells under the shadow of the Most High, shall abide in an awesome place of protection, peace and prosperity. The Lord will rebuke the devourer, the thief, the liar and the murderer. God will cover us under His wings and we need not fear famine or the plagues of Egypt as we are not entitled and set aside for judgement (Ps 91: 1-10, Eze 36:22-38). Let God act on our behalf as we trust and obey Him diligently (Deut 28: 1-14).

There will be No accelerated progress if the enemy is still waging war on our turf. We need to see him and the work of flesh cut off (Mat 4:11, Luke 4: 1, 13,14).

  • God has prepared a lavish banquet for ALL PEOPLE, those who are redeemed and purchased by His blood (Is 25:6)
  • God has specifically prepared the needed essentials for our lives. The NOW word we need, the grace we need, the covenant partners and connection we need and the impartation we need in this year 2014 (Is 25:6)
  • God has promised again to REMOVE the VEIL OVER OUR MIND and OUR HEARTS and OVER THE NATIONS (Is 25:7,8; 2Cor 3:12-18)
  • God will swallow up death and bring death into captivity. Though the Red Horse, the Black Horse and the Green Horse will go forth to destroy the physical earth and environment, God will spare those who LIVE BY HIS WORD & FAITH. The White Horse who is CHRIST (not false Christ as some commentaries say) must give us HIS WORD and KEEP US AS HIS ARROWS OF DESTINY. We must be SET IN THE COURSE & PURPOSE OF HIS ASSIGNMENT (Rev 6:1-8). God has promised the people of God to believe God for our own nations that there WILL BE MINIMAL CAUSALITIES IN ALL FUTURE CALAMITIES!
  • God has prepared it on THIS MOUNTAIN (Is 25:6). There is a specific place for specific things to happen. Jehovah Jireh is both a place as well as a revelation of God.

The Events of this year 2014 can greatly benefit the local churches 
as well as the leadership and ISAAC Pastors

EVENTS 2014:


Dates: 24th – 26th March 2014 & 15th – 17th September 2014

  • God has shown me the FUTURE of our CHURCHES & MINISTRY lie in the CORE & CO-LABORER and not in the congregation no matter how many we may have. We need to identify and set apart our quality materials for the future of the House.
  • The way we run church must change. The purpose we gather must change. The Kingdom mandate must dominate our existence; our activities and our trainings.
  • We must learn to change lives, transform atmospheres and impact the domains where people live and dwell in. SALT must do it’s WORK. LIGHT must SHINE where it matters. Most people want to know Jesus and do nothing else. The Bible says that those know God will do exploits! Most people enjoy all the provisions and blessings and bless God. The Bible says that He wants us to become the source of blessings and a supplier of His provision.
  • We will need to know God’s enabling grace to steer the church into the right direction and guide it to the position of victory.


Dates: 2nd – 7th June 2014

This is a MUST for ALL ISAAC PASTORS FROM EVERY NATION and their strategic leadership. We welcome ALL PASTORS & STRUCTURAL LEADERS (decision making leaders & strategic leaders) to also attend.


  • This Summit re examines our CORE BELIEFS in the light of God’s fresh revelation
  • We redefine and realign and bring into clarity what God is speaking prophetically through the proceeding Word.
  • We become resolve in our heart to remain true to what God is saying and find grace to lead our churches accurately. We receive grace because we believe and model the message. Those who do not believe are cut off from the reality of what God is saying.
  • We need Apostolic Teams to rise and represent us well. We need those who model this message and carry the grace to transplant what God has deposited in ISAAC. We need to have more who can articulate the wisdom and revelation of why we believe these truth and doctrine.
  • ALL ISAAC PASTORS AND WIVES with just their key structural leaders will fill us to full capacity of 1,000 pax. ALL should chose to come for the sake of their OWN LIVES, MINISTRY and CHURCH who trust them with their lives. Every nation that ISAAC is strongest in is because the national pastors come regularly at least twice a year. When ISAAC Pastors on the ground are vibrant and influential, then ISAAC entrance into those nations are strong. When we have weak men and leadership it takes forever to build into that nation. We trust ISAAC to arise in every nation in this hour of grace and opportunity.


Dates: 9th – 13th June 2014

  • This is Apostolic Training for step by step building of the PERSON (PASTOR), the PEOPLE (BELIEVERS), the PRESENCE (OF GOD), the PURPOSE (THE ASSIGNMENT) and the PROCESSES (PRINCIPLES & PROCEDURES).
  • We need to analyze the true measure of church health and church growth. The measurement must be based upon Scripture and the principles of God’s word.
  • We must find out our Primary Assignment and stay on course.
  • This week will be intensive as it involves learning new truths, unlearn what does not work and relearning accurately what works.
  • ALL ISAAC Pastors and wives are encouraged to give at least two weeks a year to be updated and upgraded for cutting edge competency.


Dates: 24th – 29th November 2013-12-10


  • We began well in SOS2013 and laid the foundation for the future ventures for kingdom advancement
  • Those who are attending must finish listening to the MP3 of SOS2013
  • We will prioritize the participants of 2013 Class of SOS1
  • Must study the materials available in "Dominion in Every Domain"
  • There will be laying on of hands and impartation of Every participant at SOS2014. The acceleration and activation will quicken the fulfilment of God's calling and assignment over our lives.

We encourage you to seek God and make payments for registration possible and secure your accommodation as soon as possible. All Conference will maximize to 1,000 capacity only! We will only use the Majestic Hall and Balcony only. There will not be an overflow room except for parents with young children and toddlers. Everyone will get first hand view of each Congress.

Let us Purpose in our heart and set our course for Destiny and God Encounter. Circumstances may change around us but we must be sure footed in what we need to diligently obey. Only the explicit obedience of true sons secure our inheritance and spiritual stature.

"May the Ernest Expectation of Faith and Hope meet the Impartation of the Spirit
and His Empowering Grace for God Encounter and Unusual Exploits.
May He multiply your Years like the Days of Heaven on Earth".

Our prayer for your peace and protection will result in your progress and prosperity.

Be blessed and stay accurately connected in Covenant.

God's Servant,
Dr. Jonathan David

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