Dream III – Frequencies of the Spirit & Convictions of Steel

Dear Prophetic Partners in Destiny,

Warmest Greetings and sincere love from Mum and I!

In this unusual year of the Kingdom, I was taken to the beginning of the dream I had on January 3rd, 2015. The last two posts enlightened us of the fierce battles we need to fight and the battles worth fighting. The Holy Spirit pressured our spirits with an intense sense of urgency of time and lifestyle. We must lay hold of our spiritual heritage and press forward towards our inheritance. The prophetic and proceeding word must be spoken in the demonstration of the Spirit. The roar of the Lion of Judah must be heard clearly.

Another dream came upon me on the following week that made sense, and clarified and qualified the Jan 3rd dream. There was a large field filled with strong and mighty trees. The leaves were dark green resembling health and vitality. They were well looked after by their keeper. However the neighboring fields had diseased and destroyed trees. Different types of pests and insects were attacking these trees. Then suddenly these creatures started to enter into the fields of green trees. The particular insect that caught my attention was one like a cricket. It attached itself to the trunk, bored a hole into the tree and started a range of sound confusing the communication systems within the tree. The roots supplying water, the leaves using the sunlight to make chlorophyll and other life supporting activities stopped. The tree became numb and static. No movements, because all the life systems were jammed in their frequencies. The trees began to dry up and soon caught fire.

Immediately, I woke up to a sudden sound of a horn. It was so loud I thought Mum, sleeping beside me, should have heard it too. My bedroom became like the cinema screen and I saw multiple efforts of demonic forces and the hunters trying to weary the saints by sabotaging the inner convictions and absolutes within their spirits.

We must continue to build upon our foundation as every future expansion and extension is proportionate to it. We need to stay committed and connected to the primary source as the prophetic and apostolic lays the foundation of Christ into our spirit man. No primary source has all the facets of truth, but what has been entrusted to us is vital to our tribe and apostolic community. What God is giving us is foundational to what He will add to us in the future. We need to embrace what God is bringing to us through others, who are one of the same frequency, but not violating what has already been built inside us.

1 Corinthians 3

Looking back in hindsight I have learnt from the Holy Spirit that the attacks are going to target on and challenge:

1. What we believe

  • convictions of steel
  • what our absolutes are – no compromise
  • final authority in the infallible word of God
  • the word dwell richly in our inner man
  • the light of God in our conscience

2. Where we connect

  • our partners in destiny
  • those who lead us by modeling what we believe
  • those who are part of lives and are our life support
  • maintain the spiritual harmony of the Spirit
  • synergize in the power of one

3. What is our collective purpose and ultimate destiny

  • we are going somewhere into the future together
  • we need to agree on the rules of engagement
  • we must not be divisive with our personal agenda or our priorities
  • give space and time and support for ALL to crossover
  • holding and strengthening others to get them across into our greater future

Retain the same standard of the things learned by the Spirit.

Guard the treasure which is within us.

Be mindful of the future.

Build accurately now so that nothing will override your convictions and faith actions.


The frequencies of the Holy Spirit must be alive in your spirit. Let those stirrings resonate in all that you are, speak and do.


Our prayer for your peace and protection will result in your progress and prosperity.

Be Blessed and stay accurately connected in Covenant.

God’s servant,
Dr. Jonathan David

Dream III

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