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Church Unusual, Zion Invincible, Kingdom Unstoppable

Conference catered to the ASEAN region (For Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia and Philippines)

Tickets are only available from January 1st 2017 – Prices shown are for Early Bird Bookings


Early Bird Registration Deadline:  31st January 2017 (BEFORE 12.00 midnight, Malaysian Time – GMT+8 Hours)



Go beyond the 4 walls – Go beyond 4th Dimension – Go beyond the 4 corners



Equipping the whole church – Building the followership – Raising the Leadership



This year’s message will help us see “the changes” that are clearly taking place around both “in spirit realm” as well as “in the earthly realm”. The Church must not get caught up in the natural and earthly realm. She needs to focus on the “being in the Spirit at all times”. This year 2017 is unique because we will be challenged at all angles but we will prevail and plunder the house of the enemy. The house of Satan will be like a house of cards. It will not stand before God and His people. Expect the devil to take up the fight against us but satanic forces will not be able to resist you or overpower you.


There will emotional and mental exhaustion coming against God’s people because they have not found the place of peace in their hearts. The deceitfulness of the world system and the worries of this world and the desires for other things (Matt 13:22, Mark 4:19) can choke the word of God and invalidate its fulfillment in us (Read Daniel 7:18, 21, 22, 25-27).

We must not worry about STATUS (Matt 6:28,29), about NEEDS (vs. 31) about TIME (vs. 27), about LACK (vs. 33) as God will “add” to you.

We must fortify our minds from the attacks that put worries into our day and time. We must not worry about SUPPLY (vs. 33). This peace and rest must be operational and available to us. Do not worry over our LIVES (vs. 25) or over TOMORROW (vs. 34). We will be pleasantly surprised when GOD RETURNS YOUR LIFE BACK TO YOU. You can have LIMITLESS LIFE WITH AN INDESTRUCTIBLE LIFE (Heb 7:16).




II. We will learn how to raise and be part of the Church Unusual. We must see how to build such a church with God’s appointed and anointed leaders. We must redefine the role of leadership that GO BEYOND THE FOUR WALLS. Our leadership must not expire within the 4 walls of the Church. We must build BRIDGES not walls.


III. Welcome to Zion Invincible, as this represents the Spiritual Supernatural Dimensions of the Church in Heaven. We must be strong and be buoyant and continually strong in the Spirit. We will learn how to BE IN THE SPIRIT and move with the Spirit. We must go beyond the fourth dimension. We will be able to see in the spirit, welcome Zion, the city and church of the Firstborn where the spirits of righteous man are made perfected (Heb 12:23)


IV. When the Church Unusual becomes the Habitation and the Dwelling place of God, the full revelation and significance of Zion will be seen. The Lord Jesus Christ will stretch forth His strong scepter from Zion, and rule in the midst of His enemies. The Lord Jesus Christ will abolish all rules, authority and power. He will reign until He has put all His enemies under His feet. The last enemy that will be abolished is Death. (1 Cor 15:24-28). We receive the Kingdom Mandate to go beyond the 4 corners of the earth. Let’s take the limits off and become a blessing to others.


Go beyond the 4 walls * Go beyond the 4th dimension * Go beyond the 4 corners

In ISAAC all the nations will be blessed.



General Conference Event Information:

Travel to Malaysia:

Make travel arrangements to arrive at the Conference Event Venue before the start time and to depart after the ending time to ensure that you get the most out of the event experience.

For traveling into Malaysia the best point of entry is through the Kuala Lumpor International Airport (KLIA). Alternatively, participants could also travel to Malaysia through Changi Airport Singapore, and enter Malaysia via road through the land border crossings between Singapore and Johor, Malaysia. Note: certain passport holders are not permitted to enter Malaysia through land border crossing. Please find out from the Malaysian Foreign Representation (embassy or consulate) in your country for details.


Our Conference Event Ticket does not include accommodation. Participants are responsible to secure their own accommodation for the duration of their stay in Malaysia.


Our Conference Event Ticket includes 3 meals daily to all registered conference Participants. Participants who prefer not to partake of the meals provided should please inform the Registrar (Mr. Jaya) in order to prevent wastage. No discounts will be granted for those not partaking of meals.

For any additional information, please contact the Registrar (Mr. Jaya) via email.



March 20, 2017 @ 9:00 am
March 22, 2017 @ 7:00 pm
Free - RM300
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