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IOGES 2021


Dear Partners in Destiny,

Greetings in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ from Papa and I.

This is a quick email to inform you that unfortunately we need to cancel our January Online Conference (IOGES2021) due to Papa’s medical condition which has been quite unstable in the last week or so probably due to too much stress.

As an organizing committee we feel it is wiser to skip this conference for now and we will be planning something else of a lighter load in the near future. Papa is still very much desirous to get the revelatory messages out as soon as possible to strengthen the body of Christ especially our ISAAC family.

However, this is the current decision which we have just concluded. For those who have already registered we will proceed to refund your registration fees. We do apologize for any inconvenience caused.

We pray that Papa’s condition will be quickly restored and also the Covid-19 situation will be arrested and restrictions uplifted, as we are still facing much restrictions imposed by our government.

 Be Blessed and stay Blessed. Have a very blessed Christmas with your family and beloved ones.

Mum Helen

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Date: 4 – 7 January (Monday – Thursday)

(STARTS ON Monday morning 9 am – CLOSES ON Thursday night at 7pm)



Topics of the conference includes:

  1. The progressive and the final revelation of the Lord Jesus Christ
  2. The revelation of the Order of Melchizedek
  3. Jesus is the Great High Priest
  4. Connecting the Throne Room to the Holy Place
  5. Divine interaction of the Throne Room with the Upper Room
  6. The Work and the Power of the Cross
  7. His ongoing work after His resurrection and exaltation
  8. What the Lord Jesus has done and is doing the last two thousand years.
  9. Being In Christ and the freedom of the law of the Spirit of life
  10. Final Outpouring of the Holy Spirit will birth Zion


This is the ISAAC first online God Encounter Summit. This is ISAAC Global Church in the clouds.  Thisis church unusual, the governing church of the first born son enrolled in the heavens.

Mum and I are sending one of the most important invitation to you to receive the grace to govern and the power to prevail. We want you to have access to this grace, glory and power. You will learn how to have the stature to rule in the spirit realm. You will receive the power to subdue even the elements of the earth and prosper in the midst of the collapsing worldly system.

God has promised me that He will impart the spirit of revelation, understanding and wisdom and help us walk in the spirit of truth and be blameless. We will overcome the spirit of lawlessness and spirit of error and the deception that is also working, and it already operational from the palace to the people in the streets. We will overcome evil and the evil one. This lawless one will try to deceive the whole world and those who do not have the love for the truth.

The Holy Spirit will adjust and align our life to a new order and frequency. The Holy Spirit will train our hands for war and keep the heavens open and hell shut.

The Final outpouring of the Holy Spirit will bring forth the progressive revelation of the fullness of the Lord Jesus Christ from eternity to eternity. (He who was, He who is and He is to come). God will reveal Zion with all His features. Zion is the emerging of the supernatural with the divine. Zion has the divine features that the governing church on earth will receive and reveal (Let it be done on earth as it is in heavens).

The Holy Spirit is the promise of the Father and He is the master key to unlock the spiritual realm. The governing church will live under an open heaven. The Holy Spirit will be poured out on the governing church, bringing the spirit of the adoption which leads to sonship. The entrance into the Holy of Holies is now open and it functioning after the Order of Melchizedek. The old order is obsoleted when the new is established. The New Normal is going back to the Original Pattern.

Covid-19 has distracted the church and jammed its operations but God is turning it around, only to do whatever His hand and His purpose predestined to occur (Acts 4:28). There is an acceleration in the Spirit world that will quicken your spirit and lay a deep foundation for a greater future!

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a) Once registration is completed and paid, please do a friend request for ISAAC GLOCAL and SEND A MESSAGE with your FULL NAME & NEW CUSTOMER ORDER NUMBER (#XXXXX) at the link below:
Isaac Glocal | Facebook  

b) When your verification is completed, you will be invited into the IOGES2021 Conference Group.

c) Accept the invitation and that’s it.


General Online Conference Event Information:

This is an online conference via Facebook Live.

Your Facebook profile, with your profile photo on it, is required for you to participate in this online conference.

For countries with different time zones, the conference videos will be available in the Facebook.


For any additional information, please contact the Registrar (Mr. Jaya) via email.



January 4, 2021 @ 9:00 am
January 7, 2021 @ 7:00 pm
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