Reports on the Johannesburg, South Africa Conference 2017



Report by Leon & Matilda de Rouwe


Report on Conference with Dr Jonathan David

5 – 7 September 2017, in Johannesburg, South Africa


Building Church, Birthing Zion, Becoming Kingdom


Firstly, we want to thank you for the time you and Mum took to come to South Africa.  We know it is a crucial time for South Africa.  In SOS in 2016, you prophesied a people movement in South Africa, and a prayer movement, and we saw that happening when over a million people came together to pray for this nation in April 2017.  This was a good start, but we didn’t know where to from there.


You started the conference by saying that you had felt an urgency for South Africa like never before.  You urged the church in South Africa to start operating in the Samuel type of anointing, which means a territorial grace is given to govern and rule in the spirit world.  You said that the ministry of Eli must come to an end, where ministers just preach sermons, but there is no Spirit involved.  We believe that everything that was taken from this nation, will be restored and returned because of the Samuel anointing that was released in the Conference.  With the Samuel anointing, the following will be returned to our nation and its people:


  • Peace will return
  • An intense passion for God
  • Victory over our enemies
  • Evil spirits will be exposed
  • The activation of the gifts in our lives
  • The activation of faith


We believe that, after hearing God’s mind for this nation, this is the time when churches will start working together, not operating with their own agenda, but coming together for kingdom purpose.  The correct frequency has definitely been set in the atmosphere.  We also believe that the boundaries of the church have been broken down, and that the church will start to operate under an open heaven. There is an awakening of the Spirit among God’s people that will give us the keys of the kingdom.


After speaking with some of the delegates of the Conference, it is clear that a new hope has been birthed in people’s hearts for South Africa.We would like to thank you for the investment you have made in our lives.



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