Medan 2017


Reports on the Medan, Indonesia Conference 2017



Report by Paul & Euodia Smith



16 TH-18TH AUGUST 2017






The prophetic word tells us the future.  The proceeding word shows us the steps needed to get there.

Papa Dr. Jonathan David.



  1. Every Dividing Wall is Coming Down.


Papa declared that the church in Indonesia will bring life back to the city.She can rise to her maximum capacity if she dismantles this factor of division.  The spirit of competition and division must be removed as it is a demonic power to keep the church weak.The church must not be silent any longer and animosity among the pastors and leadersmust be broken.  Papa asserted thatour intention is not to win the case but to win the brother. This word that was released in the spirit realm saw the reconciliation between Indonesia’s 5th President, Madam Megawati Sukarnoputri and 6th President, Mr.Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono who were not on good terms for the last 13 years, on the 2nd day of the conference which incidentally coincides with Indonesia’s 72ndIndependence Day.


  1. From Woe to Wow!


Papa also said that there will be developments in Sumatra.  Infrastructures will be built andliving standards will increase.  There will be no more shedding of blood as the blood of Christ was already shed for us.  There will be a connection of the soul of Indonesia to the heart of God.  New islands will be found in Indonesia.  New species will be found and extinct fishes from other regions will also be found here.  Birds will not go extinct because there is life here.


  1. Special Governing Grace.


Papa proclaimed a new day over Medan, the fourth most populous city in Indonesia and that God is giving the church in Medan a special governing grace to stop extremist forces from the north and south region of Sumatra and over the volcanoes.  The church holds the governing grace to stop demonic advances in the spirit world.  The hope in Christ in our hearts will rise and grace will come from the throne to redeem the land and to set her free.


  1. Sovereign Move of the Holy Spirit.


Papa announced that these 10 to 15 years will be years of leaps of faith and not just steps of faith. The church of Indonesia must get ready to cross over because God is giving her more territories.  Every ‘No-Go Zone’ will become a ‘Go Zone’.  God will bless Indonesia financially, in the education and social works.  There will be no more delay and postponements as the church will be the answer for many issues in Indonesia.  A new finishing generation is rising and Papa can hear the footsteps of good people coming into the church who are craftsmen, those who can fight with the left and right hand.


  1. Indonesia, the Light of Asia.


Finally, Papa prophesied that Indonesia will become the light of Asia.  It will light the darkness. It will stand with giants.  For every Judasthat is around, God will raise up twelve apostles.   72 years of captivity is ended and a new day has dawned.Indonesia, your time is now! A supernatural movement has begun and there are open heavens over Indonesia.  The church of Indonesia must keep the heavens open.God will give us choice cities and the government will draw up policies that will bring unparalleled developments to the country as compared to previous years.  God will give the President the wisdom to choose people to do the work.Good people from other nations will come to help.  Indonesia will no longer send maids to the world but they will stay here.  And those who had gone away will return to rebuild the nations with the skill they had received.






Arrival at Kualanamu International Airport (12 Aug 2017)

On their arrival to the fairly new airport, Papa Dr. Jonathan David and Mum Helen accompanied by Pastor Cyrus Gomez were escorted rapidly to the VIP Lounge after they were welcomed with garlands of flowers by our Isaac pastors, Pastors Djonny and Tetty, Pastors Asaf and Dora and Pastor Leni.  They were then chauffeured to Medan with police escorts and were welcomed by a traditional Batak dance at their hotel which ended with a shout of “HORAS” meaning ‘Welcome’.  The churches in Medan had been long awaiting the day that Papa Jonathan would come and the atmosphere is full of anticipation of what God was about to do in the city, which is known by many as the ‘Bible-Belt of Indonesia’.


Preaching at the House of Sacrifice, Medan (13 Aug 2017)

The next morning on Sunday, Papa was invited to preach at one of the mega churchesin Medan taking two morning services with nearly 2000 people in the first service and 3000 people in the second service.  200 members of our ISAACchurches who came to both services gave such a powerful resounding response to every word that Papa delivered that it impacted and influenced the whole congregation to respondto the Word as they did.


Gathering of ISAAC Brothers (14 Aug 2017)

Many of our ISAAC pastors arrived a few days earlier before the conference to take the time to get together and touch base with one another.  Coming together in this manner also gave us the opportunity to strengthen one another’s grace in the family of ISAAC, and to synchronize and synergize.  The grace that Papa and Mum carry truly can be seen manifesting differently in different ISAAC member.


ISAAC Family Dinner with Papa & Mum (15 Aug 2017)

Papa Jonathan and Mum Helen accompanied by the ISAAC pastors from Malaysia met up with the Indonesian ISAAC senior pastors who flown in from all parts of Indonesia with the power of one to support and rally behind the move of God in the city of Medan.  Papa addressed the need for all ISAAC pastors to be connected to the frequency of the Spirit of Truth, to be committed to the relationship in covenant and to consecrate the partnerships in integrity, loyalty and righteousness.  He encouraged them to be commissioned to the cause and the corporate destiny and to complement to the progress and the development of the infrastructure for the future.  Papa also stressed the importance of completing the synergy and process that empowers the alliance as a winning team and to communicate and stay available and accessible to the leadership of the alliance.


Prophetic Invasion (16 -18 Aug 2017)

The Prophetic Invasion Conference began with an electrifying atmosphere, charged with the intensity of praise and worship led by Pastor Elly Augustinus and the worship team from Jakarta.  About 1000 people from 120 churches across Indonesia came, the majority being from Medan and many from Jakarta, Bandung and Surabaya, even Manokwari and Serang.  More than 150 pastors were physically present throughout the conference and at least 60 of them brought their congregation along with them.

God did an amazing work in the midst of the people.  Even though this was the first time Papa and Mum came to do such a prophetic conference here in Medan, the people were so hungry and desirous for the Prophetic Word of God and the Proceeding Word and to be part of the Move of God in the city.  The people were roaring crazy and stood on their feet as Papa challenged them to be a giant slayer, a city taker and a nation builder. The atmosphere was saturated with great faith and hope that God will handpick those who came and the Spirit of God will come mightily upon them. When giants are slayed, cities are taken. A sense of awe concludedday one conference before the team of Batak Traditional dancers presented a welcome dance and honored Papa and Mum with Ulos, a traditional cloth of the Batak people as gestures of their acceptance into their tribe and love.

The second day of the conference which coincides with the 72nd Independence Day started with Indonesia’s national anthem sung patriotically and continued by the lifting of prayers to God for the beloved nation through the worship songs.  Papa released the prophetic wordthat continues to chart the course for the nation.  Every dividing wall is coming down and the church will bring back life to the city, bringing equalization to the next level.Papa brought clarity to the church about the Sovereign Move of God, the Old Move, the Dead Move and the Current Strategic Move and called for the church to stop the colliding waves and undercurrents among us and to know the power of winning a brother.  There seems to be a big paradigm shift in the minds of the people which supernaturally upgraded and reconfigured them to the next level.

The final and third day of the conference saw Papa unfolding line upon line what the church in Indonesia need at this season of time- the governing grace of Samuel functioning under the chain of command to subdue all the enemies and activating all the gifts of the Holy Spirit within them.  He exhorted the church to bring this governing grace to the next level as David did and emphasized on the importance of the Spirit of understanding coming upon the churches so that they can build.  Clearly, God is accelerating His work in the churches of Indonesia by tuning them to heaven’s frequency and bringing them together in one accord so that the plans and purpose of God in the nation of Indonesia and cities can be fulfilled.  In closing, the pastors and churches here have come to understand their God-given assignment and mandate for their cities and nation.  Medan and Indonesia will never be the same again.  Prophetic Invasion has begun to accelerate the move of God in this nation, launching the Church in Indonesia into a fresh new move.  We thank all the Indonesian Isaac pastors and their churches together with Pastors Cyrus and Anna for the work done and the two pre-conference meetings.  We are forever grateful to God for His gift to the Body of Christ, Papa and Mum who carry such a passion and explicit obedience to the call of building the nations.



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