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Philippines Arise! Return To God, Embrace Your Destiny


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  1. The NEW ERA over the Philippines


God is decreeing from heaven an ERA OF PEACE, PROTECTION, PROGRESS AND PROSPERITY for the great People of the Philippines. This NEW ERA will cover 2 OTHER PRESIDENTS besides the current President Duterte. The governing grace will empower the Nation by steadying the hands of the NEW ADMINISTRATION TO ACT SWIFTLY AGAINST CORRUPTION, THE DECAY OF VALUES, THE GREED AND POVERTY. The oppression of corruption, injustice, inequality and greed will be overcome by the resilience of the people. Every limitation, every situation, every calamity and catastrophe will only push them higher and they will become more resolute in their hearts.

The NEW ADMINISTRATION will ride furiously fulfilling the prophetic word over the Nation (2 Kings 9:20)

This NEW ERA will belong to the RIGHTEOUS, not the wicked. The people have witness the power of corruption and greed but NOW they will see the triumph of RIGHTEOUSNESS. This President has the zeal and righteousness of Phinehas and it’s a brand uniquely his! (Num 25:7-11)

This NEW ERA will see God’s PEACE AND PROTECTION. The Lord has dispatched WARRING ANGELS ACROSS the islands and the wall of fire will be like a hedge of protection for the people. Ancient powers of sorcery and witchcraft are under the RESTRAINING ORDER of the Lord Jesus Christ.

  1. A Leadershift and a New Administration for accurate governance


There is A NEW BREED WITHOUT GREED rising in the Philippines. This new type of leadershift may be awkward but needful. Sir Winston Churchill was not regarded as needful before the World War or after. But no one can deny his relevance during the War. There are Anointing like this already operating in the ASEAN region in the likes of the President of Indonesia. President Duterte is cut out for such a time as this. In his tenure as President, he will release a company of competent man both young and old to restore confidence of the people into all the Institutions that support the well being of the Nation. His term in Elected Office coincides with the 7 years of plenty (2012 – 2019) thus some important things will take shape in the Financial Sector of the Nation.


  1. An Economic Force in the Asia-Pacific Region.


The economy will be growing progressively and steadily in the next 3 to 5 years. The largest contributors for this economic force will be the remittance from the Overseas Foreign Workers and the ever expanding Business Process Outsourcing. The OFW and BPO will still be the main drivers of growth to provide a flow of income to stimulate consumption expenditure. Both have strengthened the balance of payments that served to sustain the growth of domestic consumption demand.

The success of the BPO services export has had made the Philippines a leading provider of services to the global economy. They have become the high users of labor. They have employed many young, skilled and talented university graduates. Unlike the OFW, they are used in the foreign field. I foresee the need to rebuild the infrastructures for smoother and effective regulations of business policies and trade transactions. These pathways can drive a perfect flow of international business and trade with other nations. There is a need for friendly atmosphere and a consistent and permanent regulation to welcome investors from other nations. This will drive Foreign Direct Investment into the Philippines.

The unnecessary red tape and bureaucracy will see drastic adjustment and alignment. The need to keep consistent policies that allow foreign involvement in the economy of the nation is a must. The protection of the local businessmen and traders are important but it must not be allowed to monopolize a global free market. Though corruption and cronyism may be rife in the past in business and government, the national leadership must model against these patterns of the past administrations. This will provide conducive atmosphere for the much needed foreign direct investment.

God is going to pour out an abundant flow of resources and provisions, personnel and technology that will sustain the prosperity in the nation. The new administration must provide an even playing field for both the local as well as the global competitor.

Favorable Taxation Policies for both Personal and Corporate sectors will allow better benefits and ease on unfavorable restrictions and regulations will be necessary.

Government Consumption will become lower. The usage of resources will be for the development and for the infrastructures to be at its peak supporting the future growth and containing the changing economic climate in the earth.

I foresee good to great Capital Flows and foreign direct investments into the nation. There will be fewer restrictions on incoming foreign investments. The banking sector will also ease capital flow by prudent regulations in both local and foreign banks facilitating transaction. Wise regulation policies allow free market forces to dictate economic trends and spending. Well defined and well enforced property rights are essential to the free market enterprise.


  1. God will divert the force of climatical catastrophes into the sea.


This is the most unusual promise from God the Father. There will be lesser damaging catastrophes from 2016. The frequencies of these happening will be minimized. The scope of its influence will also be reduced to nothing.

The mercy of God and His compassion towards His nation is seen in this promise that there will NOT be another Haiyan in the Philippines. Adverse environmental disasters like tropical storms, hurricanes, tornadoes, earthquakes and tsunamis will be cast into the seas. God and the prayer of the saints will divert these into the seas. The earth will swallow up the fury of these disasters. This promise was given to me after the Haiyan catastrophe in November 2013 on the Islands of Leyte and Samar.


  1. The promise of a continued sustainable peace process in the South.


The Moro Islamic Liberation Front, the biggest rebel group will agree to move forward into the peace process. God has placed a restraining order in the heavens concerning the need for peace rather than turmoil that disrupts the living and livelihood of all people. The region will be rebuilt and the people of the South will live in peace and harmony. The warring angels have been sent to subdue the spirit of violence and intimidation. They have been given charge over those regions. They are assigned to dislodge and dismantle the powers of these spirits influence over these volatile regions. Though the peace process is fragile, the mercy of God will protect the people from harm.


  1. The Reformation of the Church will create An Inspired People Movement


In the span of the next three to five years, the Church as a whole will see various degrees of Reformation. Those who are bound by traditions and inaccurate doctrines will be given the second chance to come into an update and upgrade in the things of God. Therefore having overlooked the times of ignorance, God is NOW declaring to them that all people everywhere should repent and yield afresh to God and to the prophetic destiny. Many of those who are hungry and thirsty for all things spiritual will respond to the stirrings of the Spirit.

Many will be supernaturally filled with the Holy Spirit and speak in tongues. They will experience God in an awesome way. They will be taught by the Spirit and possess perceptions and understanding of accurate doctrines.

There will be a moving and relocating of people in the nation. God will sovereignly move one to the south or another to the north. They will be directly sovereignly moved from one city to another. He will set the solitary into families.

The voice of God must become clearer in and through the prophetic people. They must speak boldly and courageously so that the word is not imprisoned. The word must go out to reach those that are stuck inside the walls of the Church. The man at the pool of Bethesda would not be reached if Jesus did not take the initiative to go inside and touch him. Apostolic work is outside the 4 walls of the Church and the Holy Spirit must train and develop the men He needs to lead beyond the walls.

The Reformation of the Church is integral to God’s plan of rebuilding the City and the Nation. The churches which are introverted will itself be destroyed from within. Those despise prophecy, accurate doctrines and covenant bonds in relationship will be sidelined. Those who choose not to be accountable or come under covering and oversight will be given to deception and oppression.

A new generation of churches will emerge across the Philippines. This is part of a new move of the Holy Spirit in the land. These model Apostolic bases will usher in the Kingdom of God and advance the work of God into the hearts of men everywhere across the nation.


  1. Though the gap between the rich and the poor will be widen, those who are truly rich will be magnanimous in helping the poor and the needy.


Large giant corporation will be returning to their social responsibility and become part of the effort to rebuilding and transforming the nations. Those who choose to walk in this grace will be protected as they defend the helpless and hopeless of this nation.

Unfortunately this is the price we have to pay for growth, progress and prosperity. The hardcore poor will always need long term help. The poor who have lived on government subsidy and financial help will continue to stay loyal to the government for that help. Jesus said, “The poor we will always have in our midst.”

The apostolic council in Jerusalem commissioned Paul and Barnabas to not neglect the poor (Galatians 2:10). The complete eradication of poverty is almost impossible to achieve. Generational poor will always be around. It does not matter what political persuasion the country is ruled by, there will still be poverty and poor people. Our mission is to bridge the social economic gap and do our best for them. Our churches as well as our community and our country need apostolic wisdom to multiply resources so that we can be sure there is no one with any need. The apostles practiced this holy tradition in the book of Acts. They sold what they had to make sure that no one has any need (Acts 2:44-45, 4:32, 34-35).

Many giant corporations will fall as the volatile market forces erode the economic terrain in the Asia-Pacific Region. Those whose hearts are closed to the poor and needy will either change or be chastised. The truly rich will have many opportunities to redeem themselves and find the favor of God and the favor of the people.



I foresee the NEW ERA of PEACE, PROTECTION, PROGRESS AND PROSPERITY will cause our hope of a better and greater future to materialize within the shores of this Blessed Nation.

Welcome to the Future. Welcome to Your Destiny. Welcome Home.

Philippines a Hope, a Haven and a Home for ALL.

Philippines is the soul of Asia. In your Restoration Asia will rise with you.




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