You are the moment of truth

It gives us great pleasure and honor to greet and congratulate Dr. Tunde Bakare, our covenant friend and partner in destiny, on this auspicious 60th birthday celebration. You have modeled a life lived by the Word and have expressed Kingdom purpose and sacrifice. You have shown courage under pressure and have stayed the course in your pursuit of destiny.

What you have lived and articulated will bring the spirit of understanding on a new emerging generation, who are ready to see Christ Revealed, churches reformed and cities rebuilt. The Legacy of many generations will be reconnected and restored.

My dear friend, you have accelerated time on the course of destiny in the proclamation of the new dawn over Nigeria. Amazing irreversible change will take place because of your willingness and you unashamed selfless sacrifice for the birth of a new nation. The hope of many generations has been restored and the dividing walls and barriers will crumble. You will live to see a New Nigeria.

Mum Helen and I would like to express our heart-felt gratitude for your years of friendship, trust and loyalty. The covenant relationship we share and operate in has affected and impacted ISAAC (International Strategic Alliance of Apostolic Churches) and have caused my sons-in-the-faith to model true brotherhood across the nations. ISAAC has now become a band of brothers.

We want to thank you for being real and true in all your commitments for His Kingdom. We wish you the utmost and highest, and only the best.

We will ride furiously together to finish the course of destiny and return kingdoms to our sovereign King!

Your Partners in Destiny

Dr. Jonathan and Mum Helen David


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