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Dr. Jonathan on Youtube

In our desire to streamline all of our ISAAC media services, we have now made all of Dr. Jonathan’s videos available in one place. Our Youtube channel will now host all of the livestream features as well as the All Nations Sunday Services.

This feature is so easy to use, just click the link on the right to be taken directly to the videos of Dr. Jonathan. Here you can bookmark the page into your favourites and keep abreast of the latest proceeding word, make comments and forward the video links to your own members and friends.


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Dr. Jonathan on Facebook

The power of connection, from poking to tweeting we live in a techno world! Our Dr. Jonathan Facebook page allows us to be kept informed about any news, updates and testimonies that are coming from the ISAAC Network. So please use the link on the right to like and join Dr. Jonathan’s page.


It is stated that on average people check their Facebook status 14 times a day. If this is the case then we have no excuse for missing important date changes, prayer requests and key messages from Dr. Jonathan. Make the most of your Facebook account this year, use it to promote the proceeding word – Thy Kingdom Come, Thy Will be done. Post it on your wall, send it to your friends, if you send it to 10 people and they each send it to 10 then 100 people have been impacted by the word in minutes. Go on give it a go you just may like it…


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ISAAC Worship Resources

Copyright and Intellectual property ownership rights of these resources are reserved by the authors and composers who contributed the submitions. Allowed use is only for the purpose as a resource to learn the music to be used in church and other worship meetings. Sale or distribution of the material is strictly prohibited.