Newsletter – Prophetic Shift in Direction

Dear Prophetic Partners in Destiny,

Warmest greetings and sincere love from Mum and I!


Surely the decade of acceleration has begun upon our nations in the ASEAN region. We need to know that nations are in transition moving towards their God appointed destiny. The Sovereign God of the nations, the Governor of all the earth has His eyes fixed upon this region.

ASEAN and the rest of Asia will become a powerful economic block of nations allowing China, India, and Indonesia to become the key players of transformation. This will create contention thus there will be strong and heavy handed regulations from the powers that be.

The constant colliding of market forces as well as world forces will create a different and difficult terrain for the people in Asia. These forces will keep changing their policies, procedures and practices making it difficult for all to compete on a level plane. This invasion of bigger forces has an agenda of their own to keep the rich nations richer and the poorer nations poorer.

Every nation will have to fight this economic invasion with righteousness, peace and good governance. The casualties will be the poor and the middle class. In some nations, even the paper rich will be out of jobs, their decent houses lost through mortgage. Some will have to move out of their cities to another to maintain their current lifestyle.

But for those who are hearing the prophetic sign should take heed and harkens to the prophetic frequency that God is sending out. The 7 years of plenty began on November 2012. It will last for 7 to 9 years, plus or minus. This is a serious call for ASEAN and all of Asia. We need to study these financial cycles contained in the prophetic calendar that God has given us. First is a 7 years of plenty. Second is the 5 years of the lean cow. Then it will be 4 years of the bleeding cow. The final 3 and a half years will be the dead cow. This brings us to 2032, plus or minus 2 years.

We will be seeing a major financial crisis, chaos and collapse of the monetary system, paving the way for a new system that comes under the one world order. It always starts with the collapse of the currency, destabilizing of the government, creating unrest among the people and then offer a solution with external control.

Asean and Asia block of countries will be the new dominant stabilizing factor of the world economy. We need to catch the wind of change coming. If we follow God’s way, we will be kept safe and secure. There will be protection and peace. Peace being the reason for all our increase.

I am receiving a strong indication to be more involved in the Philippines, Indonesia, Malaysia and Singapore. I am hoping to travel to these countries in the first half of the year. This requires the change of events at the International base in Muar.

  • The CANCELLATION of GEAR in March
  • Prioritizing GLS for downloading national strategies for different regions.
  • Fully supporting Operation 500 – Select Arrow and also Youth Mentoring Intensive.
  • Preparing our hearts to receive an impartation of supernatural faith for the miraculous at SOS in November 2016.

Let us take 2016 as the year God will stretch forth His strong scepter to rule in righteousness through our lives, our family and our churches. The dates of Indonesia and the Philippines will be notified through the national coordinators.

Our prayer for your peace and protection will result in ongoing progress and abundant prosperity.


Gods’ Servant,

Dr. Jonathan David



I will not be travelling to South Africa in March. But it is still my desire to be there before the year ends. Will keep all informed of future developments. Thanks.

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