Jesus said no one can come to the Father except through Him. If we know Him as our Father, it is the beginning of our special journey.

There are different stages of life and in the Kingdom there are different levels that we go up. A bird is not afraid of crossing the river because it does not depend on the water. It has all the necessary ingredient to cross.

When Jesus came, He revealed the Father. When He was building the church, the Father spoke to Peter and gave the revelation of the Son whereby upon this work He will build the church.

We must not be bound natural things. What we see or feel or experience must not keep us back. This is a new beginning. In this Psalm are the keys to unlock the portal that will put us back into the path of destiny.


2017: The Year of The Father’s Decree, The Son’s Dominion, The Spirit’s Demonstration

Celebration Sunday Message

Topic: 2017 – 5 Keys To Unlock Your Prophetic Future



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