17 MAY 2020

by Dr. Jonathan David


God wants us to be fruitful in the situation like this. God’s word is the final ultimate answer. Man does not have the answer to everything.


God is about to do a new thing by sending the Holy Spirit in this final outpouring. The Holy Spirit will come and bring us into the dimension of heaven so that we can develop a working relationship with Him. At the end the Holy Spirit and the Bride say come and Jesus came. The person we need today is the Holy Spirit what will allow us to come into deep experience with God at each encounter.

The Holy Spirit will come and bring us into different dimensions of the spirit, train our hands for war and have us seat at the council table that we might be at the council of God. It is a place of intimacy of working with Him.

God is going to use us leaders to lead the next generation. Good leaders will rise as real champions of God. It will come from every race. Even the minority group will contribute to the land.

Samuel’s anointing is what we need at this hour that give us geographical authority so that we are not locked up in one domain but allow God to lead us to other domains. Through one man with stature, we can push back the powers of the enemy. Global leadership will rise and God will show the examples from the people in different domains.

The garment is the Robe of Righteousness and it is a seal and sign of being approved to function in stature. God will open up His armory and all kinds of anointing and grace are there. This is our day and time.

Rom 1:1-5

The Holy Spirit will be poured out who practices holiness and righteousness. We need holiness because we will be handling power. We thank God that we have a government in heaven that will bring righteousness down. God will teach us how to active this apostolic grace and this grace are to bring the obedience of faith to all the Gentiles. We will be able to bring a whole nation to a stop.

1 Kings 19:19

This is the story of Elijah and Elisha. Elisha was impacted by the vision of the future and he tasted the foretaste. When God gave Jesus, He gave the best. When God gave the Holy Spirit, He gave the rest. Elisha waited for 14 years. What are we waiting for? If we are faithful God will give us more.

The power of the Church is not on the ground but in the heavens. Or else we will just be like another institution or organization. If we are faithfully executing what God is saying, we will bring life for others.

In these 7 months, God will move sovereignly and the wicked will fear and the righteous will rejoice. God’s hands will come swiftly against corruption. National transformation cannot happen when there’s corruption in sight. It does not matter what religion they are as long as they love peace, righteousness, harmony, these are all the attributes of God. Get ready for heightened anointing where the power of God will come and move us. His Presence will be all over our house. Sow our best in these 7 months.

Just because we received the foretaste of the future we will receive our future. He is looking for faithful people whom He can make fruitful. What are we actually doing? Ask ourselves. What we are contributing? What have we received and what are we developing from it?

Give ourselves completely to Christ so that we will know the Spirit of Holiness that will activate the apostolic grace so that nations will change.

Every man must be willing to follow the voice of the Holy Spirit. Follow God at this hour with undivided loyalty. Only in crisis we see new type of leaders rise. This is one thing we have not experienced for a long time with the virus affecting the whole earth. So many types of news are spreading around causing fear and perplexity in the mind. If we stay close to the Holy Spirit, He is our promised Comforter and our Help in times of need. Help comes from above, not from abroad. He wants us to be sure and not uncertain.

Align and adjust our lives according to the prophetic word. Get ready. We each have our own share individually and for the Church. We don’t want to represent the old but the new and what that is progressive to the future. God wants us to make healthy decisions.

It is so important for God’s people to hear God’s voice. We must be aware of God’s Presence in our mind and in our spirit, not becoming sin conscious or self conscious but become God conscious.

God is showing us how to defeat sin, sickness and death and turn to live in the destiny God called us under the demonstration of the Holy Spirit. Pentecost is soon coming. The spirit of sonship will be upon our lives and angels will be on assignment.

God is encouraging us today to pick up the dominant grace and run the race. We have to fix and focus our eyes. Fix our eyes upon Jesus. We are going towards Mount Zion.

Hebrews 12:1-2

What are the things that weight us down or keep us down? What are the things that will carry us and fly like a bird?

Don’t let things beset us but endure the race that is before us. Fix our eyes upon Christ. What we see and perceive and receive as a revelation in our heart will determine the future in our lives. Sometimes we are distracted or discouraged but there is a way to win this battle; fear, doubts.

We have to receive discipline. God deals with us as sons. Why must we respond in this manner? What is given to us can be lost, pushed and despised. If we response rightly, we don’t have to sell our birthright for a single meal. God wants to help us understand all the discipline; focus, and training are to help us secure the birthright. If we have discipline and have the fruit of the son and the obedience of sonship, we can enter into Mount Zion. Why do we go to Mount Zion? It is a place God promised us from heaven to earth. Be that generation that God is looking for so that we can receive the Kingdom that cannot be shaken.

God is going to start His work in the nations of the world. What is required of us is required from others also. There are no 2 laws in heaven.

God going to override the debts of men due to this crisis. Many people will pray and whole nations will recover because of prayer. Demonic spirits of darkness who are already leading nations into deception because the people don’t know the way. Don’t waste the provisions God gave to us. God wants us to dwell in the heavenlies. If we are part of the Kingdom, all the provisions He has promised will be ours. Our Churches must rise up to bring forth a son to move the Church forward. We must push in prayer because the devil found his field to bring the church into deception and upset the plans before God. There will be recovery and redemption and restoration. We cannot restore the devil. We cannot restore the wicked unless they want to change. There is war coming in the heaven.










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