The Spirit of Revelation helps us to understand things that we have not known before and see things we have never seen before. When there’s revelation, we must have understanding or else wisdom is not coming. This is God’s way of separating the crowd. We will walk from ignorance to revelation. Upon this revelation God will build the church.

Ignorance will not help us in any way. The Spirit of Revelation is what God is releasing at this hour. Knowledge will increase. God wants us to speak up. When we gather, our voice must be heard. If the church don’t speak it and take a stand in righteousness, someone will take the flag and throw it down.

We are one of the most powerful organizations in the world. We are more powerful than the United Nations. We are All Nations. God saved us with a purpose.

God did not save us for failure. He put us in a family so that we don’t die as an orphan. He gave us brothers and sisters. We don’t just carry the message but the Life of Christ so that we can become Christ like.



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