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We have to trust God fully because we don’t see in different aspects but God sees everything. God wants us to be ignited with the Spirit of Prayer. Everything that we hear must be translated through our mouth by prayer. John’s disciples were taught to pray. The call to pray is real. God wants to give us and put into us something that will help us live the day better and stronger. He does not want us to get out of the bed falling down. We have be charged with God’s Presence during the whole day. God wants us to pray for Malaysia and see the fullness of what God has planned for Malaysia in these 14 months.

God has to set us free. The more we pray and the more we sit in God’s Presence, the safer we will be.

The Church in Malaysia must take her place in God’s council chamber. The church in Malaysia must lead the new nation. Don’t worry about what people say. There are many good people on the ground. They may not have experience, but they have character. Experience can be found along the way but character is hard to find. God can place His government upon their shoulders. When we enter in, the church must identify good ones and work with these people, help them and not be controlled by the political awareness.


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