24 MAY 2020

by Dr. Jonathan David


If we want to know what God is about to do today, we must read the book of Daniel. The statue’s feet is partly iron and clay. A stone was cut out without hands struck the feet of the statue and every part of the statue was crushed all at the same time. And the wind carried it away with no trace of it.

The Stone Mountain is God’s Kingdom here on the earth that will put the end of all other kingdoms here on the earth. The Kingdom will be given to a pursuit people. The saints will have to fight to hold on to the Kingdom.

All that God has planned is being revealed. When we read Daniel 2, we will understand that nothing stops the Kingdom of God.  We must have a clear picture what is about to take place. God allows us to know His intention but the decision is still ours. God gave us the freedom to choose.

Daniel 7:8-9, 11

Those who have insight will rise and will be praised. The key is “I was looking, I kept looking until.”

These are the response of true prophets. If we want to be a prophet, we must keep looking at the right place. Cyberspace or Google is not the right place or prophecy.

All that the devil wants to do is confine. It will not spread if we don’t give him the opportunity to rise. The demonic realm is controlled by deceit and deception. It is its master key of operation. It leads people to distress and despair. But these cannot defeat us because it has been cut off and has no hold over our lives. The word of the Lord is clear and it is sharp and detects every negative things that is in our life and provide us the anointing to break it.

Daniel 7:21-22

Daniel 7:25

God is going to put the crown over our head and have a scepter to rule. God is going to set His place and push back the works of the enemy.

Ephesians 1:13

This is what God has done. We know the devil come to steal, kill and destroy. The deposit of God in our lives will carry us through.

God’s divine intention is made known. God desires to adopt us as sons. He chooses us in Him before the foundations of the world that we should be holy and walk before Him in blamelessness. He will redeem us, adopt us, choose us, make sure our future is bright, bless us with every spiritual blessing in the heavenly places, and made all provisions ready. God knows the future, saw it, decided what the future must be and determined to lead men into the planned future. He also gave a pre-determined pathway for the saints. As we move on, He send seasons of refreshing upon our lives so that every encounter with Him is an encounter to the next level and walk to the path of destiny.

God gave us the Holy Spirit as a pledge for our future inheritance. If the Holy Spirit is working upon our lives, He is leading us to our inheritance by changing us to become more and more like the Son of God. God is closing the curtain and bring the ages to a consummation.

Our respond to the word of God will determine if we go up higher or go down lower. People who do not love the truth will become more and more deceived. After listening to the message of Truth, we must believe so that we can be sealed in Him with the Holy Spirit until God can fully manifest Himself in us.

Ephesians 1:17

The church will experience amazing things. God is getting the church ready for the greatest finale. He is turning churches and our lives around.

  1. He wants us to be intensely passionate in heart and spirit for worship.

It is not about singing songs or concert or stadium performance. It has to be intense in our heart and spirit for worship.


  1. The Church will become accurately build for God’s habitation

This year 2020 is a defining year and a turning point. Things will change from now on. The world calls it a new norm. Our feet must not be trapped in deception. Our ears must hear what God is saying. The church must become God’s habitation. Most churches emphasize the need to gather and bless people with very little regard for God’s purpose for His House. If we do what is needed, the pastor and the people will be seeking God’s purpose for their own lives. He is causing the church to become His Habitation. He is the God of the House and we are in the House of God. If this is clear then we must emphasize more than just to gather.


  1. The Church will be baptized in the Spirit of Truth and the fire of God to consume our sacrifice.

Inaccurate teaching will keep people bound and weak. They will have to be delivered from the spirit of deception. Humanism is not a religion but an ideology.


  1. God is going to make the church a prophetic voice for the future.

We know we have a future that is only revealed in Christ. We must become an instrument of God to voice hope for the future. We must overcome the crisis that has been released. We must stand with Christ and we will share with His glory and power. Our voice is important. Don’t lose our voice. When we have the opportunity to speak, we must speak. The Church will become the voice of hope. Our songs and message will reveal our attitude and perception of what is happening. Most song leaders choose songs that filled their heart with excitement but not all of it is spiritual. We must be the voice of a better future.


  1. The Church must have a restored voice for national affairs.

For the next 7 months, we have to see God’s working power on the life of the saints.



  1. The Church will have to resource itself in the midst of the financial crisis.

It will take about 2 to 3 years before anything can be back to normal. It is not about the virus but the life of the people after that. We must believe God to raise up our own social economic system to support our own people and the poor or underprivileged.


  1. The Church will be surrounded with breakthrough believer who has the power to prevail and the grace to govern.

God will raise a finishing generation who has the power to finish strong. We have seen what the devil has done and want to make the saints weary so that they will miss out the timing. In the midst of all this as in the book of Daniel, the righteous will stand. Those who have God inside will stay strong. When God says something, He wants us to act on it and build. God is redefining our thinking pattern.

Ephesians 1:15


God is ready to do a new work in the Church. He will release the Spirit of Revelation, Understanding and Wisdom. In the days to come, we will build wisely. We will build according to the grace God has given us.


The days of the Double Decade of the Open Heavens are here starting 2020. The heavens are opened and the gates of hell are shut. Keep our eyes on what God is doing in the church.


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