19 APRIL 2020

by Dr. Jonathan David


I saw a vision of heaven pulsating, wanting to invade the earth. Then, I saw golden balls of fire pouring down from the heavens. As thousands of these balls of fire were coming down, they became bigger and brighter. They were coming down with great speed, yet they will not collide with each other. As these balls of fire fell upon the people on the earth, God said, “I Am about to do a new thing by sending the Holy Spirit in this Final outpouring.” The Holy Spirit will come and bring into us the dimensions of heaven so that we will develop a working relationship with the Holy Spirit. He will train our hands for war and have us seated at His council table. As these balls of fire hit the earth, they burst and golden oil splashed out and covered the people with royal garments.

The Holy Spirit’s Instruction is clear and simple, “Tell my people that this garment which you are now wearing is the Robe of Righteousness. “The robe of righteousness is a sign of approved and qualifies us to function in stature.”

This oil soaked garment signifies the birth of a global leadership anointing. The global leadership anointing, specifically the Samuel’s type of anointing will raise the standard and content of God’s word in their ministry.

God wants leaders to rise on earth so that it will coordinate with heaven. That’s why we have to pray for our nations. When we pray for our nation it will deal with the demonic powers behind the scenes.

The Holy Spirit is being poured out and before the enemy can act, God will catch Him. Let the oil come upon us.

Psalms 133:2-3


The Holy Spirit is going to be poured out soon. God has given us the Double Decade of open heavens. The Holy Spirit’s measure is going to be increased for those who seek Him. Open our heart this morning. A new thing is about to happen.

A new season begins with the Passover to a month after the feast of Tabernacle, 8th April to 28th September plus another 30 days. This amounts to about two hundred days. (April to October is about another 7 months of supernatural God Encounters)

For the next 7 months, heaven is going to open up above our lives. God wants us to get ready. He is increasing His influence over our lives.

  1. 7 months of supernatural divine activity in the heavens

We will become like a clear portal for heaven to come down to earth. Angels ascending and descending. There will be war in the heavenlies. There will be breakthrough in the Spirit. All kinds of lies of the enemy will be cut short. There will be intense moments of spirit dimension.


  1. Heaven will be pulsating with divine activity on our behalf

This divine activity is the open heavens over our lives. Those who are set on that frequency are going to respond to the conviction of the Holy Spirit.


  1. We will awaken and be aware and become God conscious.

When the Holy Spirit is working our lives, something sovereign will take place and He will teach and help us to discern His Presence and identify different Spirit dimensions. Everyone will have the sense of awe and many miracles will take place. The time has come for the supernatural things of heaven to be embedded in the church.

When God is present, He is like a consuming fire and we can feel the heat. God is dealing with us as a nation.


  1. The Spirit of Faith and the sense of expectation and faith will increase and will come over our lives.

These 7 months are important months for churches in Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia, Philippines and all the sons of Isaac. God is connecting us to the supernatural supply. He will teach us how to train ourselves in the battlefields in the heavenlies. He will give us the understanding of God consciousness.

The Spirit of Faith will explode in our heart. We will have faith for miracles and breakthroughs. We will not lose out because God has His hands upon our lives.


  1. Rivers in the House

There is a river flowing from the Throne to the temple and to the streets. The prophetic word will be so clear. All who drink from this river will find deeper experiences in worship, prayer, prophetic and preaching. The river of God will flow strongly into the House of God.


  1. God will reveal Himself to the nations of the world that He is the legitimate owner.

The devil is the squatter and trespasser. God sent him to the earth to be punished. So He raised men to have dominion over these demonic powers. God is bringing men into a place of repentance.

God will release strategic men for Kingdom advancement. He will identify the right man and right woman.


  1. Progressive revelation of Christ by the Spirit

The Holy Spirit will concentrate this year on giving progressive revelation of Christ to the people. It will be made known to those who come before His Presence. Our eyes and ears will be opened to hear and speak on His behalf. From Zion He will stretch forth His sceptre.


The revelation we receive will bring us understanding and wisdom in our lives.


  1. The Passover miracle

The Passover miracle is important. It is the shadow and Jesus is the substance. In the midst of chaos, this is the people’s protection. This miracle will happen to us. Covid19 is only a training ground and this won’t be the last. The devil’s time is short. The fear of God and explicit obedience is their key to freedom; from oppression and captivity. During the Passover God told them to eat the unleavened bread and eat the lamb in haste to get ready for the journey. Christ is the Passover miracle.


  1. We will receive a greater measure of the Holy Spirit

The Spirit of Truth is our defence and armour. We must express Truth in our inner man. Jesus is interceding for us and the best portion is given to the last. We are the last runners and the best runners so that we can learn from past mistakes and rectify the problem.


  1. Angels will be on assignment

God will dispatch angels with assignments. When angels are present, it is a clear sign that heavens are opened especially at this times. The angels can inspire our spirit and open our eyes to see the future.


  1. This new move of the Holy Ghost that is coming will bring a greater measure of sonship

Romans 8:14-16

The Spirit testifies that we are children of God and we are co-heirs with Christ. If we suffer with Him, we will also be glorified with Him. We don’t want to be led by the spirit of slavery or fear. The devil will speak fear but God will speak faith. Don’t go back to the old. A new level of maturity will come forth.


We can live actively on planet earth and yet be in the spirit at any time we want. The Spirit of Sonship is coming and we can cry Abba Father.


  1. The Dominant Anointing

Many leaders will break forth in their signature anointing. They will see many personal success and fulfilment. The Dominion Anointing will cause us to function according to the grace given to us. We will be at our best performance because we will be in our element and in our personality.

Let the Lord turn our hearts towards Him. The oil is already in the house and it is the source of our miracle. When the ball of fire comes, it will come into our lives and from that day God will increase in our lives.




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