10 MAY 2020

by Dr. Jonathan David


The Church Unusual has great capacity and we are not doing business as usual on the earth. It is birth in the heart of God and shared it to the hearts of men.

The Church is also a church extraordinary, positioned in stature and not the same as any institution or religious organization. The church is on the move and we are not running on the spot doing the same thing hoping to get different results. There are fresh move of the HS that is flowing upon the church. It is the times of Refreshing.

The church is for heavenly invasion. We have to make the church like a portal so that heaven can respond to it. Heaven can invade the church at any time.

The church is for expanding the Kingdom. The Church is not a place of assembly of people who are doing nothing. The Church is extending the Kingdom.

The Church is impacting the world when she comes in full stature. Her words and ways will reveal the strong sceptre that is in Zion.

The Church is for all nations. It is not localized or culturize. The Church is a wonderful place for all kingdoms and tribes. Nations are standing in the valley of decision.

God wants to bring our focus back to the Church. He is building the church. If we define what the Church is all about, we will know what our contributions will be. The more we know the God of the House, the more we will honor the House of God.

God used Jesus to cleanse the temple twice. The temple of Jerusalem was cleansed twice.

John 2:14-17 – first cleansing

Men are always trying to hijack the church and the power source. We must not contaminate the Father’s House.

When our eyes are opened and we can hear what the Holy Spirit is saying, we will be blessed and be clear in our mind.

Mark 11: 15 – second cleansing

There is a higher purpose for the church. God is interested in the perception of the House. In Haggai, most people are concentrating on building their own house rather than the house of God. Supernatural things are about to happen and things are getting clearer.

The first cleansing – don’t make My Father’s house as a house of merchandize.

The second cleansing – make My house as a House of Prayer for all nations.

The Church is the only institution that can receive heaven’s mandate.


1 Samuel 3: 19

If we have good leaders we will have great time together because God is joining our hearts together to finish His assignment. If truly our heart is free and blessed, it is easy to worship the Lord anywhere. We have to be God conscious and not become familiar to His Presence.

May the church have the Samuel’s type of anointing so that the people can see the heaven’s open and live under open heaven. God has positioned the church with spiritual authority to take down the works of enemy. Judgement must first come into the House of God.

Samuel is available, accessible, accountable, and full of passion for the Presence of God. It is at his time the word of God is abundant.

God is releasing His grace so that we can start young and be an apprentice to minister before the Lord. Eli could not understand and perceive what is happening in the congregation.

The key is to love His Presence and practice in His Presence. There is a new level of maturity coming. The word of God will no longer be rare. Even young children will hear. God will use young children to speak to the parents. The church must build under an open heaven.

Eli shut the heaven from coming through. So God raised up a new priest to build the House. This is God’s desire to help us see the light in the church.

God will restore good men in the 5 fold ministry. When we hear what the Holy Spirit is saying, we will realize that His emphasis has always been on the church and not personal salvation. God gives Himself completely to what He said.

Our eyes are going to be opened. If we do what is right in God’s way, we will be ok. If we are not established properly, we will become vulnerable.

The Church has His Name. God’s Name is in there. God’s eyes and heart are on the House of God. The House of God becomes the operational base and something fresh is going to happen. The word of the Lord will not be rare and infrequent anymore.

The Second coming of the church will become more and more visible.

1 Kings 9:2

If we have truly are the House of God and His tabernacle, His covenant is established in us.

The power of worship will intensify the atmosphere in the house. It will change the nature of our spirit so that we can become accurate. When we don’t respond to coming to the house, we will not receive the provisions of the House.

God is giving us wise master builders so that the House of God can be built. When we establish the House well, we will have a place of belonging and a place to go to.

There will be a quick acceleration of the Holy Spirit when we become God conscious.





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