The Spirit of Revelation. Collect information and receive all that God gives to us.

The Spirit of Understanding. God will give us special grace and the mind of Christ to interpret what God is saying. From here we will receive the Spirit of Understanding. We must hear carefully what God is saying or else the devil will twist the Scriptures and confuse us. We need a good mind to interpret the revelation. Understanding comes when revelation is complete.

God will show us the cause of our needs or problems we have. Jesus didn’t solve the disciple’s problems. He gave them the Answer; the Holy Spirit. When He comes, He will teach us all things. Jesus taught the disciples and showed them that the Holy Spirit is in Him and how to work with Him.

The Spirit of Wisdom. This is the result of understanding and revelation combined together. Suddenly we know what to do and when we do it, we stopped the attack and oppression of the enemy. When we have wisdom, we will know how to execute. God will show us the way and things will fall in place.

If God wants us to be a soldier, a teacher or a businessman, He will supply the grace. We won’t just know the spiritual but we will also know the natural. If we cannot see, we will always be at the disadvantage. When revelation comes, our life will become very exciting.

When we make decisions in our life, we must know where we are going. We cannot be wise by making wrong decisions. We need the discerning of spirits.


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