26 JULY 2020

by Dr. Jonathan David


God is raising a new church, a church that will finish the assignment. Everything that is obsolete will pass away and the new things must come. We can form a stronger partnership with the Holy Spirit.

Favor is a state of being accepted and approved by God. Favor is better than gold, silver or blessing. Blessings follow those who have God’s favor.

God is still making men, shaping them and forming them for the future. There are things in our life that we do not know what is happening, just yield ourselves to God. Connect accurately to the church because that is His heart and body. We are entering in a new a living way.

Every circumstance the devil use is to get us into intimidation and fear. When we start with fear, we will end with frustration. When we touch faith, it is for demonstration. God will help us so that we will know how to act accurately. Don’t give in or give up. Give ourselves to the Lord. Cast all our cares on Him. Abide by God’s principles and He will protect us, shield us and cover us from the attacks of the enemy. We will not be in the range of the enemy’s arrows.

For every miracle to happen, He must be present. Take every opportunity to praise God, worship Him and to be with His people. We can see in this 3 months, we lack contact with the Holy Ghost and the inspiration of the Holy Spirit. Things become heavier. So take every opportunity to touch God. Touch God so that the innermost blessings will flow. Let passion come back to our heart. If we don’t have this passion, it will be very difficult to enter into God’s Presence. Our minds will be shutting us off. Let there be a new spirit in our mind so that the mind of the Spirit can be transferred to us.

God didn’t just open up the Holy of holies, He had opened up the heavens.


Prayer invades the impossible, making the impossible possible

Our church should be known for prayer. The season ahead of us, we will see more and more the power of prayer taking place. Our church must be soaked in prayer so that we can burn with holy fire descended from heaven. The good, the bad and the ugly are all moving towards the same direction.


Prayer is speaking, demanding and proclaiming the will of God until it becomes a reality. Prayer with boldness and courage will set the Spirit of Faith into action. We must know what He wants and pray what He wants until it becomes a reality. We will expect God for great miracles.


Our prayer reaches the enemy first and touched its life and cast out its influence and movement. That’s why we bind and lose. If we don’t allow, they cannot enter.


The Vision

I saw on the stage of our church an open vision a group of skilful laborers and wise master builders building a huge mansion. When I had a closer look each one was functioning in his own ability and doing what they were graced to do.


When I turned to my right, I saw 3 small grey colored demons [look like monkeys in the see no evil, hear no evil and speak no evil] which looked alike wanting to climb up the stairs onto the stage. Immediately the builders turned and face the demons and the building tools in their hands turned into medieval swords. The demon said, they have no right to build here. I rebuked them, “Go to hell. This is my territory.”


Immediately the demons vanished.


When I looked at the building again, it looked similar to the ANS building but I could see the built in spirit dimension is so much bigger and majestic. It was not built with bricks but rocks. I could see 2 stairways from the outside. There were 4 floors underground and 3 storeys up. The building looked like a fortified city underground.


At the underground levels were all kinds of weapons of warfare and skilful and talented people with advance technology. There were also dancers rejoicing and celebrating with children joyfully joining in. In the midst of all these celebration, I heard a loud voice above the music saying, this is a well ordered house.


There is an aspect of our church we do not know exist and has yet to be realized. The supernatural is pulsating to ignite a fresh fire. This season is the season to see what God has deposited within us. We must contain and grow our inner man and the measure of His enabling grace will be upon us.


God has given us the mandate to build and He will raise up a whole generation of labourers. The glory of the latter House will be greater than the former. We will have a greater impact and influence in the community. God will release the template to us for city taking.



Those who are spiritual are spiritual all through; body, soul and spirit.


We need to restructure the church because we have a lot of work and we are far behind time.

What people are allowed to see, are the 3 storey above. What is happening below cannot be seen. It looks like the city is underground. This is the engine room of the nations of the world. We have to guard the 3 storey up. What is visible to men will be visible to all. But the underground is only given to us and God has prepared technology and weapons of warfare, skillful talented people.


In the midst of these celebrations, a loud voice saying this is a well ordered house and we will finish the assignment. In these last days, we will see more and more of angels than devils because we have gone to the high terrain. There is an aspect of church we do not know exist. The supernatural is pulsating to come forth. Signs, wonders and miracles are already pulsating in the heavens. Our sons and daughters are going to get saved. This will be our first fruit harvest whereby our family and relatives will be saved. This is the covenant we must secure with God. Let there be a passion in our heart. God’s enabling grace is coming upon us. God has enabled us to build and a whole new generation will come forth. God will show us how to reach the city because we are building the city within a city.


The enemy has no right to say we have no right to be there. are the ones that have no right to be here. Don’t give up and don’t give in. God is building the natural church and also the spiritual church. God wants us to get ready because God is launching us into the spiritual dimension. What we don’t know we will know because God is opening up a new and living way.


We are more powerful and stronger than we think. Where God is taking us is supernatural.  If God is for us who can be against us? This God is real.


Heaven is coming down with warring angels.


When we find favor in God, our children will be protect and guarded. All that belong to us will be under the protection of God. We are not leaving but living in Christ. We are not leaving the scene. We are living in Christ. No weapon formed against us will prosper.


In the vision, the external looks normal but the internal dimension is greater than what we can understand. He is building Church Unusual that will merge with Zion. There is a new breed that will change the world and cities. God will open up nations to us. The approaches to God will become easy and freely.


We must lay hold of what God has given to us and not let go.








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