3 MAY 2020

by Dr. Jonathan David


The time of God has come upon our lives. God promised us 7 months (8 April – 21 October 2020) of God’s supernatural divine activity. God’s people are becoming God conscious and the Spirit of Faith will charge up the church for the miraculous.

Something sovereign will happen in our lives and in the nations of the world. People are walking on the streets dropping on their knees to worship God and call upon the Name of the Lord Jesus Christ.

The greatest opportunity has come upon us and it is the kairos time for God’s people. What must we do and how we can participate with God and work with the Holy Spirit.

  1. Developing God consciousness through prevailing prayer and passionate worship

We must be lost in the spirit world. There are no limits there. When the Holy Spirit leads us, no evil spirit will stand in the way. The devil gains power by deceiving and bringing people into ignorance. But God is light and He calls light out of darkness.


  1. Building the inner man for strength, power and demonstration of the Holy Spirit

The Holy Spirit can flow through our lives through our spirit. We need to be holy and strong in the inner man. Every transaction that takes place comes by the Spirit. The Holy Spirit will bring us to the next level and train our spirit to bear witness that we are the children of God.

Ephesians 3:16 – 17


The Holy Spirit will strengthen our inner man through the spirit. People who have the same frequency we carry will respond to us. Be rooted and grounded in Christ in our heart through faith. The Holy Spirit is a leader even for Christ. We find people connected to us because of what is happening in our lives. This kind of connection and relationship can go to the highest level of covenant. Take these 7 months and build our inner man.


The last day revival is a short one but quick and impacting. Jesus took 3 and half years on planet earth. The Church will also be given the same amount of time.


  1. Equipping ourselves with the word

2 Tim 2:14-15

All scriptures are inspired by God and profitable for teaching, reprove, correction and training in righteousness. Put ourselves into the word. Try to use our imagination and get into the word. When we read the Scriptures, follow the story. Have a movie in our mind and see. Watch and see so that we can enter into the dimension of the word. The mind is a very powerful dimension. With our mind we can think of great things because everything is first created in our mind.


The written word must be spoken and when the word is spoken it will unlock the written word and we can enter into the Spirit of Truth and understand what God is saying. Those who know the Word will rise.


Ask God for a greater capacity for the word. We have to study the word because in the years ahead there will be an avalanche of deception.


  1. Maintain good fellowship by communicating with those who are in our life groups.

During this time, it gives us the opportunity to fellowship with one another, not in large gatherings but by using technology. Maintain good fellowship. Don’t go AWOL.


What are we handling now? What are we experiencing in our lives or come in contact with? Share with one another and inspire one another’s faith so that we can be connected.


If we take advantage of these 7 months and do what the prophet is saying and what God is confirming in heaven, we will be surprised of what will happen. God will use us as a standard bearer to distinguish between the righteous and the unrighteous.


  1. Worship and honor God with our substance

Tithe, offering, first fruits, minister to the saints. Most people only give tithes but never give offering. There’s no understanding about the first fruits or even the ministry to the saints. All that is given to us must be given back to Him as honor. Tithe is for honor, offering is for harvest. We must know the difference.


During the time of crisis, most Christians will give up on God first rather than go to Him. When we give, we give God the greatest joy so that He has an opportunity to bless us and multiply what we have. The young boy with 5 loaves and 2 fishes joined the apostolic. He let go what he had and they became the source of the miracle. It is what we give that multiplies, not what we keep.


  1. Health is wealth

Undo the damage that we have already caused on our body. We have 7 months to repair ourselves. God will bring healing and restoration and bring us back to our place of strength. God will set us free. Exercise daily for fitness. Diet accurately. Find the appropriate diet for ourselves so that we can keep ourselves healthy. Health and fitness are 2 different spectrums. Some of us can be healthy but not fit to run the race. If we want to run the race, we need to run daily so that our body can be built. Eat food that will build our immune system. Health is important because it protects our body.


  1. Keep our spirit clean and undefiled

Rectify all relationship problems. All interpersonal relationships must be cleansed. Forgive those who failed us, wronged us, hurt us, unjustly accused us, etc. Our spirit must not be defiled. Forgiveness is only one level. Forgetting is the next level. If we forgive and forget, we are letting go of what has offended us. We will become objective in our mind and words won’t hurt us. Don’t take offenses, curse the offenses, nurse the offenses, rehears and keep talking to people about it, don’t disperse  roots of bitterness, don’t nurture it and surrender to the devil.


  1. Enlarge our faith capacity to overcome the fear of lack, live beyond our worries and anxiety by trusting God for all our needs.

There is a level of faith coming for us that will give us the power to prevail and the grace to govern. Shut down the worries of the world and discern the deceitfulness of riches.


It is not praying once that things happen. It is praying until things happen. We must continue to receive the word until faith comes. When we do this it will be a plus point for us in the spirit realm.


  1. Pray governmental prayer for our nation

We must pray for our government. We must be a governor to recognize another one. When righteousness is absent, corruption is not far away. Pray that the affairs of our government will be aligned and adjusted to her prophetic destiny. We must know what God wants to do in the particular nation. We must hear for the land that we serve. We must hear the nations we are going to so that we can align the church first to the destiny of the nation.


If we want to move in governmental prayer, we must first know what God’s government feels like, looks like, is like. Seek first His Kingdom, His righteousness, joy, Presence and what His Kingdom is all about.


We pray that national leaders discover their higher purpose for their calling. Why did God allow them to be the PM, Parliamentarian? The purpose is not for them to have a hand in the cookie jar. Many times we have wrong impressions but those who rise for the people have different qualities. Those who abuse their position and power are obvious as well. We can see who will make it and who will fail.





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