Reports on the Solomon Islands Conference 2017



Report by Richard de Vries

Tasmania Australia.


Now I saw a pattern IN Papa and how it flowed from Papa in practical ways.

1).    I noted strongly how the Isaac Pastors gave such strong Honour to Papa and Mum the spirit of honour that they carried and demonstrated was so strong and evident that they have reproduced this in their next generation of spiritual sons. Very powerful in the spirit, I was deeply touched and impacted by this.

2).   I observed how Papa spoke to the people about change in relation to their nation, yet with the same word spoke to the leaders that they themselves are a key and need to change and be transformed to bring change, transformation and rebuild the nation.
I noted Papa’s skill in practical delivery of the word to the masses, multi level, the same word. The word spoken to sons in Isaac, leaders from other churches, the members of the churches and others who may not yet be connected.

3).  I noted how Papa ministers in nations, by this I mean how Papa moves amongst people in high places, his conduct and the professional way he speaks and moved and spoke with these men. How the Prime Minister spoke totally different at the opening of the Conference after Papa spoke with him on the Tuesday prior. The Prime Minister spoke with such boldness and confidence, declaring the word for his nation. He had received the ‘dabar’ and the spirit and power in the word given to him, produced a different man.

4) Again Papa’s heart as he spoke as a father,  to Isaac Pastors from Oceania at the dinner table, also his generous and self-giving spirit. I could see the spirit of the father turning the hearts of the sons.

5) I was challenged deeply as I saw what nations require to be built, this requires change, deep change in us, His leaders.
The challenge is, can this change can be found in us as sons in Isaac? Will we make the necessary mind-set shifts?  I was deeply impacted and challenged personally, that if as Isaac Pastors and brothers in Isaac, we went as true brothers with no personal agendas, to be a team! To support and represent and stand with Papa in the Nations being a pattern and model and to stand with our Isaac brothers on the ground and release and supply strength in the spirit, providing an accurate clean model of apostolic grace  so that we then can release and send sons ie our  second gen with there skills and professional abilities, finance etc to help rebuild nations.

In closing Papa, I trust this is helpful as I have endeavored to cover honestly just some areas that I was aware of.



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