Raising and Releasing Glocal Leaders With the Needed Competencies, Graces and Glory

Solomon Island 2017


Report by Pastor Ellison Barko & Pastor Robins Mesepitu





DATE: 12th -14th JULY 2017






1: Solomon Islands, a highway of heaven

Papa Jonathan David and Mum Helen’s visit to the Solomon Islands had its own unique dynamics, impact and effects to the nation. God is truly taking the nation to another level in Him, in-order to raise other nations in the Oceania. A day before Papa arrived, all ISAAC pastors in Solomon Islands with their sons and daughters including other pastors for the Oceania watched and listened to the prophesy Papa released at the Global Leaders Summit in Muar, Malaysia this year, 2017. Hearing it again fine tuned the frequency of our spirits to the frequency of heaven. Hearing, believing and internalizing the word were the way to prepare for the conference to keep the highway free from any stumbling blocks. Papa prophesied that “Solomon Islands will be a highway of heaven”. Hearts of men were ready and clean, and even resources needed for Papa, Mum and Pr. Cyrus were all met by the people, desperate for more of the word and God.


2: Tuna will be returning back to the Islands

Upon his arrival at Henderson International Airport, Papa was informed about one of the many prophecies for Solomon Islands being fulfilled, “tuna will be swimming back to the Solomon Islands”, Most of other prophecies, prophesied have come to pass one by one on God’s timing in the nation, Solomon Islands. In the VIP lounge, he warned his ISAAC sons to guard the workings of God in their spirits and not to be distracted by the crowd and other external natural happenings.


 3: Grace of Titus will be upon New Zealand and Australia to collect and give.

Hon. Bennette, Deputy Prime minister of New Zealand has pledged to continue to assist Solomon Islands government on a meeting with Hon Manasseh Sogavare Prime minister of Solomon Islands on 30th June, 2017. She expressed to engage with Solomon Islands youth in the area of sports, and Solomon Islands tourism industry by upgrading five air strips in the provinces.

There is a dialogue going on currently on bilateral relations between Australia and Solomon Islands. The content of the bilateral relations covers visas to access best education and receive permits to work in Australia if they wish to.


4: Competent men will return back to Solomon Islands

Solomon Islanders who have studied and worked overseas are returning back to the country in numbers. They felt that it is time to return and build the nation which God has given to them.


 5: Terror will not strike the region again

Regional Assistance Mission to Solomon Islands – RAMSI, left Solomon Islands for good at the end of June, 2017 because peace and stability has returned to the nation. Few citizens were uncertain about the security when RAMSI departed but, these uncertainties were erased in the hearts and minds of people when God literally walked through the main street of Honiara through Papa, Mum, Pr. Cyrus and his people in Solomon Islands. People along the main street were reminded via banners and other forms of media that God is taking over.


 6: God will give you advantage position over/against your enemies. 

ISAAC sons in the Solomon Islands have taken their position in Christ in the spiritual realm and were given access to the Prime minister’s office and other government offices. People from high places both in the government and NGOs including denominational churches are now listening to these ISAAC sons. Those that usually attack the apostolic move of God are the very ones that attended the Glocal Leaders Summit in the Solomon Islands.


 7: God will intervene in the affairs of the nation because He is the God of the nation.

In the devotion at the Cabinet Office, Papa told the Prime Minister and other leaders present that God and His word is here and will shake the nation so that only what belongs to His kingdom will remain. God’s word became flesh in the life of our Prime minister as he shakes the nation by terminating his own 3 ministers and some Permanent Secretaries, who are found to be corrupt on 7th of August, 2017.



Henderson Airport.

Before Papa’s arrival at Henderson International airport, Papa’s preaching and declaration at Sydney, Australia was played to charge and change the spiritual and natural environment. Many were in tears as they eagerly waited for Papa and Mum Helen’s arrival. The Solomon Airlines Airbus 320 landed at the Henderson International Airport at exactly 2.15pm.The float and the police escorts that will escort Papa and Mum Helen down to their hotel were at the airport waiting with the banner “Welcome Papa and Mum Helen to the Solomon Islands”.

The city of Honiara, the capital of Solomon Islands was stunned and stood still as Papa and mum Helen with Pastor Cyrus were escorted by Royal Solomon Islands Police to the Heritage Park Hotel. Floats and Parade followed with banners took over the city with people carrying the slogans ‘God is taking over Solomon Islands, God is taking back the nation for Himself.


 Art Gallery

The float and the parade lining the Honiara city street escorted by the police ended at the Art Gallery. This was not part of the program but became a highlight with Papa and Mum Helen with Ps. Cyrus addressing the crowd of people .The enemy’s works was pushed back as they released the word. Words released touched and refreshed God’s people in red t-shirts at the Art Gallery. They were very grateful to receive the word of God in their hearts two days earlier before the conference started. Truly it was the” Day  the city stood still”. God took over the city.


Vision and dream taking form and shape, and becoming a reality in Solomon Islands

On his opening remarks, Papa talked about his vision about a small boy growing up to a mighty man. In the vision he saw that what happened to him happened to the boy plus the others. They also grew mature, did what he did and, became giant killers and city takers.

ISAAC sons in the Solomon Islands as well as those in the Oceania region are outworking what God is doing in the life and heart of Papa, partnering with the communities throughout the provinces and the government to build the nation(s) and turning the nation(s) 360 degrees to its destiny.

Secondly, he urges all to prepare for the impartation that God is releasing from heaven. Impartation will come but only received by those who are prepared to sacrifice and lay down their lives. Thirdly, he declared that God will use Solomon Islands to bless other nations in the pacific, such as New Caledonia and Fiji. In the rising of one will be the rising of many. He came to bless Solomon Islands, for Solomons to extend that blessing to other countries round about.

Seeing and hearing Mum Helen for the first time have also blessed and touched the hearts of many people. Seeing, hearing and receiving the word and the spirit of the word from mum is enough said some members of the parade.  Pr. Cyrus who always represented Papa well when he comes to the Solomon Islands was honored to be the first to bless the nation of Solomon Islands and prophesied that God will take the nation to another level, that it is not just a small nation but a modern nation. A nation of honor and a vessel of God to touch other nations.


 Papa building and changing the nation of Solomon Islands.

Papa did not only pray and prophesied for Solomon Islands but, he actually flew into the country, partner up and take the lead of changing the nation.

The word he prophesied and declared stirred the spirit of Solomon Islanders including the leaders even before His arrival.



Monday 10th – Friday 14th July 2017

Meeting with ISAAC Sons.

In the evening of Monday 10th July,  the day of arrival to the Solomon Islands, Papa, Mum Helen and Pr. Cyrus were welcomed with a dinner with ISAAC sons and with other leaders at the Heritage Park Hotel. Papa encouraged his sons to stay with him and build the nations with him. He challenged them to be  prepared to lay down their lives and stand with him as he takes charge to take the nations and turn it around toward its destinies..


Tuesday 11th July 2017

Devotion with the Prime Minister and Government leaders and then lunch with the Prime Minister with Government, church and business leaders hosted by Minister of Home Affairs.

On the 11th of July Papa ministered at a  morning devotion to the Prime Minister together with other dignitaries of  the Solomon Islands government. Papa stated to all attending the devotion that he is pleased to be part of what God is doing in the nation. Solomon Islands has a window of opportunity because God and His word is in the nation to propel it forward. His word is the material He use to create the world and, he will use his word again to create the new Solomon Islands that is in His mind. His word has come to intervene to the affairs of the nation because of His kind intention. God and His word will shake the nation one more time to expose the hearts of men and for His kingdom and agenda only to remain.“God has given this office power so build him a house, let Solomon Islands become his dwelling place because He is the God of this nation and king of His people”. What this office need is a group of people who have the wisdom and know how to build the nation and, not those who come to pull things for themselves or their constituency. He assured the Prime Minister that he will be surrounded with competent men who will execute the strategy from the office. Men who will create significant moves and bring prosperity in the land. Peaceful men who can handle diversity and bring the nation together. Men who can adjust and align themselves to what he is saying from the office. He highlighted that the strongest force the prime minister has to build the nation is good, godly, righteous men. He also prophesied that God will give the prime minister another 3 to 5 years to continue what He (God) has started through him.

Solomon Islands is at a valley of decision, what we decide and do now will determine the future of the nation. He emphasized that leaders must see the future of this nation as God sees it, and then work towards it.

This week is a special week for Solomon Islands. He prophesied that God will release His people to have stable life. They will have confidence to face life because the favor of God is upon the nation. People will start to sense that it is better to be in Solomon Islands than out there in other countries. He concluded by saying “choose the higher purpose of God and things will go better to best for the nation, Solomon Islands. Solomon Islands will never be the same small nation but a great nation, the nation will be honored amongst other nations. It will be a nation for all, hope for all and haven for all and home for all. A place of faces without races and a place of equality. God’s Word is the promise and assurance about the future of Solomon Islands. God bless Solomon Islands.

The lunch meeting was hosted by the Minister of Home Affairs and Deputy Prime Minister. Special remarks was delivered by the Prime Minister Hon. Manasseh Sogavare and Key note address by Papa, Dr. Jonathan David.


Prime Minister – welcome and special remarks.

The Prime-Minister addressed Dr. Jonathan David as ‘Papa’, and Rev. Helen David as ‘Mum Helen’. This is unusual because only those who join and are part of the ISAAC Network call Dr. Jonathan David as Papa and Rev. Helen David, Mum Helen.

He stated that the theme for this year after RAMSI’s departure is “taking charge”. We have to take charge of our nation. We cannot depend on others to do it for us.

Solomon Islands gained independence from British after 85 years under the hand of God, He said “Looking back we honor our forefathers who laid the foundation but, we have to build accurately upon that foundation”. Next year will be our 40th Anniversary and we have to chart a new course as we receive a timely word and revelation from Papa. PM stated that he came to listen and receive and urge all other leaders to do likewise. He stated that man’s government have exhausted everything to build the nation and nothing good happened so, he urge all leaders to allow God have His way and build it. Having God and His word gives confidence to the prime minister to chart the new course for the new destiny for the nation of Solomon Islands.


Papa, Dr. Jonathan David.

‘Taking charge’, stated by the prime minister was reinforced by Papa when he said “rise up, be mature and be responsible” for the affairs of your country.

Papa stated that Solomon Islands was in the mind of God before the foundation of the world. Leaders of Solomon Islands have to see the Solomon Islands in the mind of God to enable them to build accordingly. He assured all leaders of the country that the future of Solomon Islands is brighter and more glorious than its past. It will be a hope for all, Haven for all and a home for all. Mountains will clap their hands, there will be dancing in the streets, people will feel secure and, declare that it is better to be in Solomons than out there in some of the countries.

The current problem some leaders have is ‘bad nature’, in them. For example, some have been a thief before they took up a job as teachers, police officers and politicians. This nature goes with them as they took up their job, in the domains they serve throughout Solomon Islands.  The nature caused them to steal or bleed the nation for themselves as they perform their duties. Unfortunately, as they promoted up the ladder on the structure of the government or company, the amount of money stolen increases as well. The nation will be ripped off if these people are given power or remain in power.


Hon. Prime Minister and Papa, Dr. Jonathan David meet the people of Solomon Islands

The Global Leaders Summit ended on a high note. International Strategic Alliance of Apostolic Churches(ISAAC) hosted the Summit in Honiara on


Wednesday 12th – Friday 14th July 2017.

People travelling into Honiara by boat and plane from the 9 different provinces and also those from the city packed the Maranatha hall that could hold 7,000 people to full capacity. One particular province had to travel 3 days by boat with 400 people that included mothers, children and men to attend the conference. Church leaders from various denominations and  senior government officials were also part of the conference. International Participants from Australia, New Zealand, Papua New Guinea, Vanuatu, Cook Islands and Hawaii also flew in to attend the conference.

The theme for the conference was “Christ revealed, Church reformed, City rebuilt.” A word has been declared over Solomon Islands, that there are greater things in store for this nation, because God’s kind intention for the nations is to prosper.

In the first and second day, Papa Dr. Jonathan David reiterated and emphasized strongly, that God’s agenda for the nations, is to be the catalyst to bring about change in the nation. He said ‘if we want to build the nation, we must know  God’s agenda. Until and unless we are clear and understand God’s agenda, we cannot transform the nation to the intended place God has set for Solomon Islands. The Church must be able to hear the Prophetic Word of God for the season, for in the word is God’s agenda for the nation, and also His mind and wisdom to execute the agenda.. He says ‘the accurate building of the Church is vital to national transformation. Even in the midst of chaos, by the prophetic word and the Spirit  we can still turn the nation around and build.


Connecting the new generation to the former one for purposes of succession and continuity.

On the last day, Papa invited all the youths to attend the afternoon session. The content of the afternoon session was” city taking made easy”. He says, ‘City and nation can only change when you change. The power to change a city and a nation is in a changed life’. The Power to a changed life is the revelation of Christ.’ Jesus’s life revealed that it is possible for God to live in man and manifest himself fully in human body. When we allow this Christ life to manifest in our lives, our lives are transformed, and this power can ripple across in our families, communities, society and this nation. With this Christ Life, people with strategies who are competent will begin to rise and set the course for this nation in place’.


 The war is over. We have prevailed. Now it is time to build Solomon Islands

On Sunday 16th July was Papa’s last message before he left for Brisbane and then back to Malaysia. Papa declared that the war is over and we have prevailed. Now, it is time to build the nation, Solomon Islands. In a dream he saw the devil been bound and put to the ground. He stated that the devil has no place to be found in the land and warned that those who use violence will die by violence.

The new Solomon Islands has been cleansed, ready to be used by God. Solomon Islands will no longer be the same again because of the word of God. It is a nation of honor, an epicenter, a hot spot and a highway of heaven.

In his final message Papa urge all to obey God, obey His word, and obey the Holy Spirit and God will reveal himself more and more, heaven will open wider and wider, and God will use the People of Solomon Islands more and more. He concluded by a shout ‘rise up and be responsible for this nation’.

The conference ended on the Sunday 16th July and Papa and Mum Helen with Ps. Cyrus were escorted back to the airport and was farewelled at the VIP lounge to leave for Brisbane on the same day.

Pastor Ellison Bako of Kingdom Harvest Ministry and Pastor Robins of Destiny Centre, the ISAAC sons on the ground thanked all the other ISAAC pastors with all the ISAAC churches for the work done to prepare for the conference. They emphasized that one ministry or church cannot take the city alone. We must join forces and synergize, add strength, build the momentum together to make the assignment ahead easier. We must build the nation together’.

Papa and Mum Helen, thank you so much for coming and blessing Solomon Islands and its government, church leaders and people. The nation has been elevated to a new level in God’s plans and purposes. We have been energized and strengthened in the spirit to rise and run in the prophetic word that you have declared over the region. We also thank God for having our other ISAAC brothers and family from the region attending the conference. Definitely it has been a time of Days of Heaven on Earth.


Thank you Papa and Mum. We love you both.

From the ISAAC Family -Solomon Islands.



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