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Prophecies Over South Africa


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Report by Pastor Jealine van Heyningen


Pastor Jan and Anna de Rouwe felt led by the Holy Spirit to put Papa’s prophecy over South Africa (SA) he gave in November 2016 in the March addition of the Joy Magazine. The March addition was already in for printing, so they said they will put it in the April 2017 addition. The prophecy was given in our planting season in South Africa (November 2016). Papa prophesied that the farmers will have a “bumper crop”.

They are busy taking off the harvest now (June 2017). After 4 years of drought, a “bumper crop” is being taken off as prophesied. The prophecy also stated that there will be a big prayer movement in South Africa and “South Africa, it’s time” was said multiple times. In middle March 2017,  Angus Buchan (from the film “Faith Like Potato’s”), called the nation to a day of prayer. The prayer day, “It’s Time” was planned for 22 April 2017, on a farm just outside of Bloemfontein. In April the prophecy published in the magazine was all over South Africa! A sound clip of Papa prophesying over South Africa was all over social media. God supernaturally supplied for all our needs to build three 10m high crosses on our farm, shining at night for all to see from all directions entering Bloemfontein from the N1 South (national highway). The farm with the crosses are right next to the farm where the prayer event was held.


“It’s Time” prayer event preparations: 
1. 2000 hectares of ground over 8 farms was used.

2. An event a quarter of this size usually takes a year to organize, but this event was organized within 6 weeks. People from all over volunteered their services, equipment and donated money.

3. 10 km of optic fiber cable was used for audio and visuals. The sound delay from the front speakers to the back speakers was little more than 4 seconds.

4. About 30 tractors and bulldozers was used to bale grass and prepare roads.

5. Over 1 million people arrived by car, bus, train, motor cycles, bicycles, horses (4 days of riding), and 400 private planes.

6. To get so many people into the event area, 1 car per second had to be parked in 10 different parking areas at the same time.

7. Just to mention a few: Medical tents, social worker tents, disaster management plans, national traffic plans, a stage was built, the biggest sound system ever used in SA was put up, gravel roads made, helipads built, over 450 ha. of grass cut, farm dividing fences taken down, cattle moved – All in 6 weeks- amazing!

8. People that could not come had prayer meetings in their churches, old age homes and homes all over SA. Millions of people prayed at the same day and time all over SA.


During the 2 hour prayer event: 

  • 1 Million plus people went on their knees, declaring Jesus Christ as Lord of their own lives, over their families and Lord over SA.
  •  Hundreds of thousands were set free from fear and addictions.
  • Generations stood on their knees, together in the dust. Grand parents, parents and children knelt  together on their knees, seeking God.
  • Sick were healed. (One testimony: A little boy with thick glasses trusted God for healing for his eyes. During the event nothing changed, but on their way home in the bus, the boy started to battle to see with his glasses, when they took the glasses off, his vision was completely healed.
  • Children were filled with the Holy Spirit and spoke in tongues for the first time.


Few miracles, prior, during and after It’s Time prayer meeting:

  • People from Dewetsdorp (a small town close to Bloemfontein) collected money for diesel. They filled the diesel tank with 800 liters of diesel and took it to Bloemfontein. After filling a bulldozer, about 300 liters was left. With that, they filled 20 tractors (taking between 60-80 liters each). The 300 liters filled all (capacity of about 1200 liters minimum) and when the last tractor was filled, the tank was empty. God multiplied the diesel.
  • The optic fiber cable used for sound and visuals was buried under ground. When they dug it up after the event, the cable was damaged in 1 place, so bad, that there should not have been sound at all… BUT GOD….


In the video clip of the event, at the end, listen to the sound delay as a million people shout amen.

God is good. Not one word from His mouth will fall to the ground without coming into fulfillment.

South Africa will be saved, South Africa will be saved.
The Holy Spirit will come down, South Africa will be saved!

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