Thy Kingdom Come

Dear Prophetic Partners in Destiny,

Warmest Greetings and sincere love from Mum and I!

We are believing for an Extraordinary Year of Outstanding miracles in each of your lives. 2014 had brought many prophetic fulfilment of what God had said in the past. Many visions and dreams have become germinated and has been accelerated into maturity and fulfilment. It is impossible for God to lie. He has spoken with His mouth and fulfilled it with His Hands.

2015 will be another year of favour and grace for God’s people. God is going to supernaturally gather, guide and govern His people so that they can receive the power to prevail and the grace to govern with Him.

The proceeding word of 2015 is THY KINGDOM COME, THY WILL BE DONE ON EARTH. God will strategically place each one of us in a prevailing position to pray the kingdom and prophesy into existence the word of authority in our mouth will cause to materialize and find expression in and through our lives.

The quality of internalization of the Kingdom in and through our lives will reveal the stature that we carry. This kingdom frequency that resonates within us because of God’s government upon our lives will influence and impact everything in the vicinity to come under subjection. The Holy Spirit and the inspired word will cause all things to come under subjection and work together according to the heavenly pattern as it is in heaven.

God is determined to take His church into the Kingdom Age so that the church will be formed to live and express that which comes from the Kingdom.

2015 is the beginning of the end of the all flesh and a new beginning of the expression of Kingdom lifestyle and values as it is in heaven. God is wanting what is in the Kingdom to be done on earth. What will be replicated on the earth must be according to the pattern as it is in heaven. The key concepts that will trigger the Holy Spirit’s intervention are words pertaining to the Kingdom. We are walking out of the Age of Sin and Iniquity and into the Kingdom Age. The sons of the Kingdom will not only be in the Kingdom but they will inherit the Kingdom of their Father. They will bring sin, sickness and satanic forces under the subjection to the feet of the Lord Jesus Christ and He will rule over His enemies.

We will See the manifestation, Be the demonstration and Speak the transformation in a way that we have never done before. Extraordinary dimensions of Christ will be revealed. Greater dynamics will be seen in the church reform. Remarkable decrees will be declared, in the city rebuilt. God is preparing the church to receive the Kingdom mandate:

Influence Every Domain

Impact Every Generation

Transform Every Nation

In Our Lifetime

The stone has been cut without hands and sent to strike the statue on the feet of iron and clay and crush them. The stone kingdom will destroy the kingdoms of this world. The stone that struck the statue will become a great mountain and it will fill the whole earth. The God of heaven will set up the kingdom that will never be destroyed. This stone kingdom will not be left for another people because God has found the Finishing Generation who will take dominion to rule and reign. The increase of His Kingdom and of peace there will be no end (Daniel 2:34,35,44; Isaiah 9:6,7)

2015 Christ will be Revealed, Church will be Reformed and the City will be Rebuilt.

Attached to this post are the Audio and Notes of The Complete 2015 New Year Message – “Thy Kingdom Come“.

Hear and heed the prophetic word that will give you wisdom to build an enduring house for yourself and for your church.


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