Global Leaders Summit - 2014

Theme: "The Kingdom Mandate: Every Domain, Every Generation & Every Nation"

With Dr. Jonathan David, Dr. Tunde Bakare, & Mum Helen David

This Summit is the annual "lifeline" gathering of  I.S.A.A.C. to hear and heed God's Proceeding Word.

What will happen at this mountain top of God-Encounter:

  • Patterns will be Redefined and Clarified
  • Thinking Paradigms will be Realigned
  • Lifestyles will be Readjusted

We expect the unusual manifestation of God's awesome presence to ignite the spirit and minds of all in attendance.

Come in order to:

  • Receive Fresh Revelations
  • Be Updated in Truth
  • Be Upgraded in Stature
  • Be Set on Course towards Destiny by having Destiny set in your Heart
  • Receive grace to finish the God given assignment

Every Pastor and wife, believer, and leader who desire to be equipped with His power and established in the prophetic word aught to be there.

This summit is not for the FEEBLE as it is UNCOMPROMIZING.

This summit is not for the AVERAGE as it is EXTRAORDINARY.

This summit is for those who want to MAKE A dynamic DIFFERENCE.

This summit is for YOU!

Read the Full G.L.S. Write-Up

The Global Leaders Summit (G.L.S.) is the lifeline International Gathering of the covenant partners in destiny. It is the homecoming gathering of all I.S.A.A.C. pastors to realign and readjust their thinking paradigms and lifestyles to the current Proceeding Word from heaven.

It is at this mountain top God Encounter that the Pattern of what God desires to be built and accomplished is redefined and clarified. The unusual manifestations of God's awesome presence ignites both the spirit and minds of men. They are activated with passion not only to hear and heed His words, but also to model the message of heaven in their own nations and localities.

The Summit is the time to receive fresh revelations from His heart. It is the appropriate time to be updated in truth and upgraded in stature.

The Summit gathers strategic men from over 30 nations converging into Muar at ALL NATIONS SANCTUARY for God Encounter. The Lord's Proceeding Word saturates the minds of the covenant partners and His Spirit activates the enabling grace to overshadow His people.

Those who have come have never returned the same. Transformation of life through the consecration of hearts during this Summit results in the power of God demonstrated through these lives in their nations. Hundreds of testimonies of extraordinary experiences and unusual exploits are recorded as a result of this Summit.

The combined ministries of Dr. Jonathan and Helen David and their covenant partner, Dr. Tunde Bakare, set the accurate prophetic course for those who gather. Destiny is set in the hearts. The zeal of God girds the heart of every man to accurately finish the assignment God has given in the Summit.

Every believer and leader and every pastor and his wife who desire to be equipped with His power and established in the prophetic word aught to be there.

This Summit is not for the feeble as it is uncompromising.

This Summit is not for the average as it is extraordinary.

This Summit is for those who want to make a dynamic difference.

This Summit is for you!