Into the ISAAC Family

ISAAC is a company of senior ministers, missionaries and itinerants who have (stand in) an alliance, partnership, and a relationship with the presiding apostle as their primary apostolic source and governing elder over their lives, ministry and churches.

These senior ministers, missionaries and itinerant ministers see the presiding apostle as their spiritual leader and yield for a covenant relationship with accountability. The presiding apostle provides oversight, counsel, impartation, doctrine, proceeding word, comfort, and covering. These ministers willingly submit to the process of partnership leading to a meaningful relationship in covenant. They, in turn, choose to flourish under this apostolic care of a father and represents his message, his life, and his ministry for collective identity and expression. There is no constitution or other legalities that holds ISAAC organizationally. It is held together by a relationship of honor, integrity, and trust. WE surrender to trust one another so that we can reflect our corporate identity and image, rather than selfish self-expression. The ISAAC family receives the presiding apostle as their spiritual father in the faith, and choose to become an exact representation of their father and of his message, his life, his burden, his desire, and his destiny.

ISAAC partners are free to leave the alliance if the relationship is ended for without the relationship, all things have no foundations for the future. ISAAC partners know the primary connection with their spiritual father gives meaning and redefinition to their horizontal relationships in the network. They are each their father’s son that is also part of the same family of sons. The father holds them together. Thus ISAAC rises above the spirit of denominationalism and institutionalized church. ISAAC associations are not offered “over the counter” as it is a God given and ordained relationship. It comes out of knowing that God is joining us together as one. It is God who brings us together and unites us to walk towards our common destiny. When God brings us together, it becomes easier to maintain the relationship because we do not hold it together by our own efforts or personalities. What God has joined together; no man, no circumstances, and no devil can put apart!

Requirements for Accurate Connections within ISAAC 

  • Every ISAAC pastor must first be drawn by the Holy Spirit towards the relationship with the presiding apostle.
  • Every ISAAC pastor must desire this relationship to become the primary source, leading to a relationship of spiritual fathering.
  • Every ISAAC pastor must be drawn to the purity of the prophetic and proceeding word and also the life of the apostle.
  • Every ISAAC pastor must be sure of the prophetic journey towards destiny. They need to know they are going places together towards the future.
  • Every ISAAC pastor values the vertical relationship with the apostle as their father, as well as the horizontal relationships towards one another as brothers; sons of the same father.
  • ISAAC pastors must remain committed, connected, and covenanted to the alliance so that their walk, relationship, and destiny is continually aligned, adjusted and accountable! This will keep them in the framework of what God is doing collectively in ISAAC.
  • ISAAC pastors must learn accountability and subjection to authority and see the authority they submit under manifest through them. “For this reason, God highly exalted Jesus.”

Superficial contact will not bring the transfer of legacy and the impartation of the dimension of the Spirit. We need proactive interaction, integration, involvement, and divine impartation for this covenant relationship to be formed and formalized.

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