The Kingdom Business Intensive (KBMI)

Consists of a selected company who is the pioneering group of men and women who will receive impartation to have the power for wealth creation.The KBI is a program by Dr. Jonathan David that will be running over a period of 3 years.

The participants will progressvely be trained and equipped with the wisdom to multiply, manage, and distribute resources for the purpose of Establishing, and Advancing God’s Kingdom Government on the earth.

The desired outcomes of the Kingdom Business Intensive for each participant

  • A GROUNDING in the WORD and a laying of a solid foundation for the financial future
  • A GATHERING of financial INTELLIGENCE and accurate information for a competitive edge
  • An endeavor to GROW the whole MAN during the process of this intensive
  • GUIDANCE as fresh direction and insight reaches the spirit and soul of the Mentor, Dr. Joanthan David
  • Enhanced honesty and accountability in order to ensure everyone is GUARDED in the ever-changing market environment
  • A transfer of the the GRACE which God had imparted to His servant
  • The establishment of the power to GOVERN TOGETHER and reap the financial harvest together.
  • Together we will plunder Babylon and collapse the systems and structures of the gods of this world and Mammon.