“There are supernatural SHIFTS occurring in the Emerging Generation. They will become a formidable force who will become God’s SELECT ARROW. They’ll be launched into the future as ARROWS OF DESTINY. They WILL and MUST be trained for God’s Assignment on their lives. I am initiating the Youth Intensive course as part of the ISAAC Finishing School in order to polish & shape these 500 select arrows to prepare them for God’s Assignment.”

Operation 500 – Select Arrow

Dear Prophetic Partners in Destiny,

The Spirit of God has shown me that there are supernatural SHIFTS in the Emerging Generation of Daniels, Josephs, Jeremiahs, Esthers, Timothys and Gideons. These characters combined together will become a formidable force qualifying them to become God’s SELECT ARROW. They will be launched into the future. These ARROWS OF DESTINY will and must be trained to become competent for God’s Assignment in their lives.

I am initiating the Youth Intensive course as part of the ISAAC Finishing School in order to polish and shape these 500 Select Arrows to prepare them for God’s Assignment.

Those who have applied and are accepted will be trained, discipled and developed for two(2) years beginning September 2016 (at the Youth Congress) until September 2018. If needed we will meet again in 2018 September for another personal Encounter with God. We must choose to receive the transfer of legacy for being equipped and empowered for the respective domains.

During the Years of Preparation (2016 September until 2018 September) they will receive monthly reading materials that will strengthen their faith, their character and their relationships. The enemy will not be able to penetrate through their defenses. We will keep them covered, provide oversight, counsel, directions and revelations into their own future.

These SELECT ARROWS are His ARROWS and we are trusting God to not only select them, but also empower them for the divine Assignment.

The Patriarch, Jacob, inducted the two sons of Joseph, born of an Egyptian woman, into the legacy that he carried. He redeemed their past and inspired them with the future. The two sons of Joseph were included in the distribution of land and legacy. He also released the transfer of Inheritance and impartation to the second son instead of the first-born seed. The laying-on of hands created a prophetic shift in the Spirit Realm. We will not lose the seed. The seed of the righteous will be mighty.

Dr. Jonathan David

Youth Intensive:

Operation 500 – Select Arrow Information



We are following through with what God has been speaking to us concerning THE ISAAC FINISHING SCHOOL. It is a School that will define, refine, realign and readjust your lives so that you can be well prepared for all of life and for the future. We will not be able to mentor or father the delegates/students of the Finishing School as we initially proposed to you.

Mentoring and fathering cannot be sustained without the spirit-directed and guided relationship. It also requires physical contact, consistent communication and a hands-on approach.

However, what we are offering is sufficient for what God wants us to do now through this Youth Intensive Finishing School program.

I. What is the Purpose?

The purpose of the Youth Intensive: Operation 500 – Select Arrow course is:

  • To raise a selected company of young people who will be prepared as Select Arrows to be the future leaders and influencers who will impact every domain of society.
  • To allow this selected company access to Dr. Jonathan David and his ministry (at the International Youth Congress) in order for them to receive a strong impartation of the Prophetic and Apostolic Grace he carries. Like Joseph, Daniel or Nehemiah, they can be well prepared to Take Dominion in Every Domain.
  • To raise this company as “a New Breed without greed!” We need “A radical opposition to corruption”, those who choose to win only by righteousness as they advance the Kingdom of Christ in their world.
  • To transfer the Legacy of the fathers to the 2nd Generation, as Jacob did with his sons and the sons of Joseph, so that they may be fully equipped and connected to the supply of heaven for their future Assignment.


II. Why is it Urgent?

God, by His grace, is giving us seasons and windows of opportunity within which we are to hear and heed His word. We are to labor and work with His spoken word so that at the appointed time we may be ready to enter into the fullness of the assignment that God has prepared for us. Now the window of opportunity is here. Let those who are tuned to this frequency hear, heed and enter into what God has for them.


III. What will You Receive?.

  • This will be a course of 24 more lessons that will come to you beginning September 2016.
  • An article each month on what God is saying to the next generation. Study and outwork the content into your life and be approved by God so that you can become the reality of what God desires in the earth.
  • Questions assigned to each article are there to explain, interpret and unlock the understanding of the message in the scriptures.
  • It will reprogram our thinking paradigms and help us see the possibilities of a new world awaiting our involvement. The content and quality of each article will be at its best.
  • Divine counsel and spiritual insights into the needs of the present generation and how to prevail under pressure.
  • Governing principles and guidelines for health, dressing, eating, sleeping, studying, etc. in the life of and as a student.
  • Governing principles for wise counsel and decisions on your vocation, your life-partner or your future destiny in pursuit of exercising dominion over your own domain (as needed).
  • Prayer shield for your protection, provision, progress, and prosperity.
  • Recommended articles, books, or other material for your perusal and edification.
  • Access to Dr. Jonathan David (via email) for emergencies, crisis, or for urgent, important decisions pertaining to life and godliness (as needed).


IV. What are the Requirements?

  • Be of the ages of 17 to 29 (in 2016)
  • Must either attend the 2016 “OPERATION 500 – SELECT ARROW” Youth Congress, ORhave previously attended the IYC (2006, 2007, 2008, 2009), AYC (2010), EYC – Switzerland (2011, 2012, 2013 with Dr. Jonathan David) or any of the other Major Conferences by Dr. Jonathan David held in Muar Malaysia (GLS, SOP, IBS/IBC, IWC, IPC, SOS).
  • The endorsement of your local pastor (sent via email) that you are a “Trainable Material” of relative maturity and leadership potential that is currently contributing (in service) to the local house.


V. What will it cost you?

  • RM 450 enrollment fee for the Youth Intensive: Operation 500 – Select Arrow course, payable as a one-time fee via PayPal (Payable as equivalent USD 120.00 – Inclusive of Malaysian GST).
  • Proper accountability and submission to counsel and biblical truth.
  • Your willingness to change and preparedness to meet the challenges of going into maturity and leadership.
  • Your willingness to obey godly counsel, as we seek God to hear from Him with and for you with intensity of passion because you are important and integral to God’s end-time plan.
  • Your enrollment will be terminated without any refund if attempts fail to bring you to spiritual senses and discipline. All your interaction and involvement with the Youth Intensive: Operation 500 – Select Arrow course will be suspended and cut off immediately.


VI. What Must You Do:

  • Enroll online for the Youth Intensive: Operation 500 – Select Arrow course by following the linked button below and making payment.


(Note: Please make payment to finalize your enrollment.)