Pioneers and Trailblazers

Dr. Jonathan David is one of the pioneers of the Prophetic Movement in the earth. His accurate prophetic ministry with a unique teaching mantle provides the cutting edge to reach the nations of the world. The prophetic Ministry has brought him the favor of God and the privilege to minister to presidents, prime ministers, and governors and government officials in many nations. His prophetic accuracy has been instrumental to set many national leaders on course towards their destiny and God-given assignment.

The prophetic mantle, anointing, gift, and grace has undergirded his impact and influence on many whom he has personally trained in his Permanent School Of the Prophets which Began in 1991. Now many of his sons are running national Schools Of the Prophets in their own nations. In 1991, the ISAAC alliance was then called ANPCM (Apostolic Network of Prophetic Churches and Ministries). God was already updating and upgrading him to the next level and spiritual stature. The apostolic call, mission, and mandate became evident as the glocal church, All Nations Sanctuary, and many other churches came under his apostolic oversight and care. This paved the way for apostolic thrust into the nations.

His popular book, Apostolic Strategies Affecting Nations, became the voice of his apostolic grace and mantle. It brought clarity to many building apostolic ministries. Senior pastors went to the next level as they used those strategies to move their ministries and churches to the next level. His apostolic-prophetic books are being used by scores of bible schools around the world. Hundreds of pastors now use his materials and revealed blueprints to rebuild their lives, churches, and their cities.

According to his own testimony, “I crossed the Muar River from Malacca with only a plastic bag of clothes on a motorcycle in December of 1979. Now, see what the Lord has done in our town and in the nations of the world.”

Official Biodata

Dr. Jonathan David is the Founder and Senior Pastor of All Nations Sanctuary (formerly Full Gospel Centre) Muar, a governing kingdom church in Muar, Johor, Malaysia.

He is also the Presiding Apostle of the International Strategic Alliance of Apostolic Churches (ISAAC), a network of governing churches and ministers across the nations. He has been recognized by apostles and prophets around the world for his contribution to God’s present move through his popular book “Apostolic Strategies Affecting Nations.” Dr. Jonathan David is also the Founding Director and CEO of Destiny Heights Sdn. Bhd. a Consultancy and Training Company specializing in empowering and equipping leaders for the 21st century. He is a highly sought after International speaker who conducts leadership courses involving managerial executives of all spheres, equipping them to be on the cutting edge in their respective fields.

He also runs a business mentoring program for selected businessmen internationally in the area of wealth creation, management and distribution. Another mentoring program under his care is his “Youth Mentoring Program” aimed at raising a new generation of leaders in all spheres of society across the nations. As a noted entrepreneur, Dr. Jonathan David has received recognition as an honored member of the International WHO’S WHO Historical Society in the USA. He is also a lifetime member of the International Association of Business Leaders Inc, an association of exemplary leaders in business.

He resides in Muar, Johor, Malaysia with his wife, Helen.