9:00 am — 7:00 pm
Wisma Mulia (ANS)
No 155, Jalan Junid Dalam

Muar, Johor 84000 Malaysia
Free - RM350
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(For all ISAAC Pastors and wives only. Non ISAAC Pastors and wives – by recommendations only)


Early Bird Registration has ended on the 1st April 2018

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Date: 18 – 21 June 2018



  1. Redefining and heeding the call of ISAAC in the nations
  2. Receiving Kingdom Mandate (Romans 1:5)
  3. Knowing the Accurate partnership of father and sons
  4. The truth and lies about discipling nation
  5. Covenant relationships and partnerships – The MASTER KEY to a greater future together
  6. Greater grace was on them all

ISAAC is an alliance of honorable men. These Senior Pastors and their wives must be completely honest and live with integrity in their hearts towards the Presiding Apostle and his wife. Yielding to these rules of engagement, the father and sons relationship can develop and mature. Relationships are meant to become the channel base for work, achievement and progress. The Scripture is true then when it says that “without the vision people perish and without the people the vision perishes.” God is reconnecting generations, restoring people to influence domains.

“One will put a thousand to flight and two will put ten thousand to flight.”

As the spiritual father of ISAAC, I foresee this relationship in God will express the freedom of the dimensions of the Spirit. It will release us to make divine and significant moves in our region and beyond. We need strategic men who will join ISAAC for:

Strengthen – consciously choosing to make someone stronger.

Synergy – choose to make our working relationship work!

Sustainability – choose to maintain and create momentum and movement.

Stature – The power to prevail is established in His favor and purpose.

Stewardship – A commitment to keep, carry and impart what I have to leaders in succession.

Sonship – We need to break free from the spirit of slavery (whose son are you?)

Succession – We need to raise the sons into succession

Selfless Sacrifice – Those who choose to serve God’s people. People first and people always.

Shifts – We need to develop paradigms according to the new frequencies and new revelations. God cannot anoint old mentalities.

Source – The need for a pure and uncontaminated primary source. We need only one Primary Source to go to the next level.

The Heavens are pulsating with life and light. The Church will defeat Death and Darkness. The inevitable manifestation of the true and mature sons of God will rise. These strategic man will be strategically positioned with stature to create significant moves of the Spirit in every region they are sent. They will REFORM CHURCHES AND TRANSFORM REGIONS.


Your partnership and alliance will save your family, your church and your community from decay and decline. All Isaac pastors and their wives are to do their best to attend both GLS and ITIP for 2018.


“In ISAAC All the nations will be blessed.”


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General Conference Event Information:

Travel to Malaysia:

Make travel arrangements to arrive at the Conference Event Venue before the start time and to depart after the ending time to ensure that you get the most out of the event experience.

For traveling into Malaysia the best point of entry is through the Kuala Lumpor International Airport (KLIA). Alternatively, participants could also travel to Malaysia through Changi Airport Singapore, and enter Malaysia via road through the land border crossings between Singapore and Johor, Malaysia. Note: certain passport holders are not permitted to enter Malaysia through land border crossing. Please find out from the Malaysian Foreign Representation (embassy or consulate) in your country for details.


Our Conference Event Ticket does not include accommodation. Participants are responsible to secure their own accommodation for the duration of their stay in Malaysia.


Our Conference Event Ticket includes 3 meals daily to all registered conference Participants. Participants who prefer not to partake of the meals provided should please inform the Registrar (Mr. Jaya) in order to prevent wastage. No discounts will be granted for those not partaking of meals.

For any additional information, please contact the Registrar (Mr. Jaya) via email.



June 1, 2018 @ 9:00 am
June 4, 2018 @ 7:00 pm
Free - RM350
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