Come See a Man

Born from a staunch Hindu Background, Dr. Jonathan David grew up knowing a deep spiritual hunger for God. His Paternal grandfather was a musician in the Hindu temple and his maternal grandfather was particularly involved in the Hindu funeral rites. The young Jonathan David used to serve them both during his school holidays in his primary school years. In his own words, “I served the living and the dead.”

He became born again at the age of 13 in a Brethren Church on Good Friday in 1972. He became water-baptized the same year on December the 16th. An intense persecution arose when it became known that he became a Christian. This made it impossible for him to go to church or even read the bible. The Bibles he had were confiscated by his father and most times torn and once burnt. When his father learned how expensive bibles were, he traded it for a reduction in tuition fees for young Jonathan with the tuition teacher. Dr. Jonathan David was baptized in the Holy Spirit on 19th August 1976 and began to walk supernaturally into the prophetic dimension. In the years of persecution that followed his conversion, the Lord opened up a meaningful consciousness of His presence that allowed young Jonathan to find comfort and strength in His Presence.

In his own words, “These times of intense persecution by my father, my relatives, and community shaped my life and formed my character. It made me determined to follow Jesus to the end. I discovered God as my Father and this revelation changed me forever.”

At the age of 19 (1978) he was already involved in four different outreaches each week and by age 20 he was in full-time ministry pioneering the church in Muar, Johor, Malaysia. In the course of 41 years as a Christian and 33 years as a minister, Dr. Jonathan David saw both his parents saved and even his mother baptized in the Holy Spirit.

He was at both his parents’ bedsides when they went home to be with the Lord. The spiritual zeal of Dr. Jonathan David has been unwavering over those years and only continues to get stronger as he reaches the nations. His message of clarity and his undying passion for Jesus and the souls of men become cutting edge tolls to serve and reach his generation.

He believes God has given him a mandate to disciple each nation; Impacting the Cities and Influencing the Nations. Like the patriarch Abraham, he has many sons-in-the-faith in many nations across the world. God has given him a unique place of stature to raise the next generation for succession of the prophetic and apostolic grace and ministry that he carries. The anointing to reproduce men who can carry what he carries and represent him fully in their nation has become a unique feature of his ministry. His sons form an Alliance called ISAAC (International Strategic Alliance of Apostolic Churches) and are spread across over 40 nations of the world. They rightly call him “Papa Jonathan”. In his own words, “Now I know what it means to be a father of many nations as my sons are from so many ethnicities, colors, and cultures. This is my reward and my honor which no man can take away. This honor the Father himself has given to me so that I can represent Him fully to all my sons and daughters in the faith.”

His darling wife, affectionately known as “Mum Helen”, is a suitable helpmeet and fellow minister. She is herself an outstanding minister in her own right having pioneered seven outreaches before she married Dr. Jonathan David. She became a pillar of strength and a constant source of wisdom and discernment.

Dr. Jonathan David says, “I received the dimension of 7 churches when I married her. Almost felt like John in Revelation.” Together they travel the nations as a formidable apostolic team, reaching and discipling the nations of the world