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Prophetic Prayer Answered


My Father, I thank you for the hearts that are opened tonight. I pray, Your Name will become so real to them because we stand in the Name of the Lord Jesus Christ; the Name that is higher than every other name. That at this Name every demon power must bow.

I pray, remove the heaviness over Sabah; the veil of darkness. And also help me stop today, in the Name of Jesus, another earthquake coming over Ranau. We stand against it in the Name of Jesus, and the flood waters that are increasing continuously in Semporna, Lahad Datu and the whole shore over the area. We bring a restraining order against the works of the enemy, that Satan will not be able to rise because You’ll establish Your Mountain over Mt. Kinabalu.

Establish Your control, establish Your rule so that your people will be free.

I pray in the name of Jesus, the veil over Sabah will be removed. Let new leaders rise in the Name of Jesus. Let new men come into power. We speak to YB Max Ongkili right now, in the Name of Jesus, that he would begin to take the scepter of righteousness and bring about righteousness into this nation. Everyone that is coming into power, let them become the right men, the men selected by You. As Select Arrows, let them be establishing Your government in this country.

We pray for the church right now, that the church in Sabah will begin to wake up. That we will not be standing at vulnerable points anymore. Every invasion that is not of You will be shut down right now. There will be no other ethnic invasion but the invasion of the Holy Ghost. That is the only invasion that we allow in this land. We speak peace right now, in the Name of Jesus, that Your church will come together and become stronger and stronger; the whole church, not just a few leaders. Sabah will be free from eventualities in the future. I lift up holy hands and I bless Sabah right now that the hand of God will come mighty in this place.

By Dr. Jonathan David

Transcribed from the prayer at the end of the Sabah Meeting on Saturday Night, 7 January 2017 before the earthquake happened.






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