22 MARCH 2020

by Dr. Jonathan David


What in the world is happening and what is taking place here on the earth? It is the indication of the end of times. We are living in the last of the last days. We must be vigilant, watchful and pray. God is bringing every nation and everyone to its knees and a place of acknowledgement that God is sovereign God of the nations. No government is allowed to deviate from His plans and purposes.

God is releasing the gift of repentance and calling the nations to come back to Him. When nations are born, the founding fathers are around and they are touched by God, irrespective of religion or race or kindred. God is releasing to us the gift of repentance so that we may return. He had overlooked the times of ignorance. God is declaring now that all should repent, change our ways and righteousness will exalt the nation. Repent and fear God. It is better to fear God then fear men.

Our faith will set us free. He has fixed a day that He will judge the world. Don’t fall into the hands of an angry God. Seek God while He can be found and turn to Him while He is still near. The past He has forgiven. Change our ways. Do business without corruption. The cry of the earth and all creation has gone up to the heavens to escape the corruption of the world.

Corruption is not just in the area of finance, but also thoughts, lifestyle, corrupting others, sin by nature, desire is towards evil. The creation is crying. The elements of the earth have changed drastically. Places where there’s no snow is snowing, rain come at the wrong season, the environment cannot hold it anymore.

He has fixed a day that He will judge the whole world in righteousness. The ingredient that we should have is righteousness. That’s why we need righteousness in us; right standing in our heart, people, etc. Every politician is placed by God and there must be zero tolerance to corruption.

The Lion of Judah is roaring. He wants us to understand what He is doing now. God is releasing the gift of repentance to us. Only God can change a man. Time will not change a man.

The rulers of the world are not able to defend their people. Sicknesses are spreading even when the cure is found because it will be taken over by wicked men for their business. God wants to change the world, but the world is going in another direction.

This sickness will go. This attack of the enemy upon the nations does not just affect the lives of a person but also the economic world. God is shaking everything that can be shaken. The judgement day has been fixed and no one can change it. We cannot manipulate God’s law. What we sow, we will reap. Something sovereign is happening.


Hebrews 12:25-27

  1. God is shaking every nation until everything that can be shaken will be shaken.

Once more God will shake the heavens and the earth. God is removing things that can be shaken and only those that cannot be shaken will be left behind; virtue, values system, etc. God will shake the foundation of our lives. When the man has good virtue and divine virtue, the character of the man will be different. Some people only want power, but we are here to serve.


  1. God is shaking every nation so that people everywhere can repent and be saved.

God is giving them the opportunity to hear the gospel of Christ. God is shaking the nations, prime ministers regardless of party. God is shaking all people everywhere to be saved and repent and He forgives them of their past. People will now find truth even for those who are restricted and don’t have access to truth.


God will put all the enemies under our feet until they become our footstool. God Himself is rising. Jesus has done the work on the cross; the Holy Spirit is doing the work in the church, God will take over and cause the nations to bow before Christ. He has already established Zion’s King. God will introduce the Son with signs, wonders and power. The Kingdom of God has come.


We declare war on the kingdoms of darkness so that we can snatch people out of hell. If the world goes in the arrogance in the way they are today, it will self-destruct in the days to come. God is shaking everything that can be shaken so that we can see His mercy.


  1. God is shaking every nation until all the silver and gold will be brought into His house

Haggai 2:7

The economics of this world is being shaken. They cannot agree what is happening because they cannot discern what is taking place in heaven. God sends prophetic people who can hear His voice so that they can become responsive what He is doing and warn the House. This is our lesson. This is the closest to the end time with 100 over nations affected. God can cause things to happen in a 2 weeks. He can even speed things up and in 1 hour Babylon can fall.


Malaysia, this is a time of favour. This is our time to make it good and make it well. God is shaking the economics of this world.


God will remove the wicked morning by morning so that the righteous can shine forth like the brightness of the sun. Wealth will return into the hands of the right people. Many percentages of the resources are in the hands of the wicked. A few family controls the city, the trade routes and the wealth distribution. God will shake this and give it to the right people who have the wisdom to invest into the lives. If God is shaking, silver and gold will go to the right places. Let God hold our finances and set our heart right in the area of finance. God is shaking the nation for this reason so that the wealth of the nations will come to His House. Respond in our heart to the prophetic voice.


Let God help us to set time. This is the right time to return to God. If our heart is cold, ask God to set our hearts on fire once again. We have power to prevail over limitations. Whatever that is holding back people will not hold us back.


  1. God is shaking every nation until the heavens are open.

This is the time of favour of God’s promise. Because of us not living right, God has withhold the dew and brought drought over the land and the heavens are shut. When man is not in their right place, everything is in chaos. When God is not given His place, everything is out of place or displaced and misplaced.


When we change, heaven will respond to us. Everything that we need will come into provision. The heavens are opened above us. God by His Spirit will help us as ANS to be a blessing to the nations of the world; through the word of God, worship, lives. What we are good for is that we know the power of touching God. While God is shaking the nations of the earth, what must we do and how to live? Get connected to the house when the virus is gone. No devil can stay long and we will fight to the end. To establish the ground, we need the sceptre so that the Government of God will become the Government of the world.




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