Blessed Birthday To Dr. Tunde Bakare

Let me open the scroll concerning those called to greatness

Those who are regal as this son of Africa, a noble


According to the Watchers, he has an undivided heart with passionate devotion to God

This saint ministered with valued services for God’s people

He was called because he is great not because he wanted to be placed

We see him prioritize time to execute God’s purpose

This special son gives courage for obedience to God’s revealed will

He has taken a stand in righteousness to cut out corruption for the tent of God was over him


The scroll of the Ancient says he lives and moves in covenant relationships

The people who trusted him have become his partners with him in destiny

Those who are naïve and simple found the way of compassionate graciousness


The Ancient Himself testifies that he has imparted the treasured legacy to those who treasure God

Reconnecting generations, exercising dominion, he subdues and he reigns

He is now in transition, tomorrow in prophetic precision


This friend is closer than a brother, a companion and a partner in grace

A comrade who lends strength to finish strong

Thank you for your life

We salute you for your undivided devotion

We honor you for who you are

Looking forward to who you will become


Always yours, forever His

Dr. Jonathan & Mum Helen David




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