The hand of God’s favor has been shown to us. This revelation that the impregnable financial cycles have become more vulnerable to the attacks on the world systems. God has given us a spiritual revelation of the economic template, future, financial standing and the different economic conditions that will be prevalent in the future. The deception, the decline, the decay will follow the current world’s financial systems. An Economic Storm will be raging strong across the nations.

God has shown me that there will be a supernatural wisdom in how to Master wealth creation (Make wealth, Maintain wealth, Manage wealth, Maximize wealth, Multiply wealth, Minister wealth).

This Template of the prophetic time schedule is for our full harvest to be brought in. The key to spiritual harvest is spiritual timing. This grace has been released in the power to make wealth. The governing grace makes it possible for us to do the things we have been anointed to do. We believe this timetable is God’s best for ISAAC and those relating, receiving and reforming in the Alliance. Those who read the movements of the spirit shall run. Others who are tuned to this frequency may enjoy God’s power for wealth creation according to the faith. This revelation on the World Economic Cycle is not exclusive  and set apart for those in ISAAC only. God is merciful to all who humble themselves before God. We can deny Him but He will not deny Himself.



  1. The 7 years of CASH and CREDIT FLOW (THE FAT COW) started in the month of November 2012 and stretches to November 2019 (+- 2 years). God has just updated His eternal plan to EXTEND the years of plenty. God’s purpose is to set this revelation in motion. The EXTENSION ends on November 2020!
  2. The 5 years of CONSERVE and CASH CONTROL (LEAN COW) starts 2020 and stretches to 2024.
  3. The 4 years of CRUNCH / CRISIS (BLEEDING COW) starts 2025 till 2029.
  4. The 3 ½ years of CHAOS (DYING COW) starts 2030 till 2033 and ½ years.
  5. The 3 ½ years of CRASH (DEAD COW) starts 2033 ½ till 2037.
  6. The years of Crash / Currency (FARMERS WITHOUT COW).
  7. The years of Economic Collapse  will be made worst through the SYSTEMS and STRUCTURE set in the Economics of this world. (FARMERS WITHOUT FARM).
  8. The years of ECONOMIC CYCLONE – CATASTROPHES (FARMERS WITHOUT FAMILY). This will bring about the manifestation of the LAWLESS ONE and accelerate the Fall of Babylon.


Taking Back the Financial Domain

The Financial domain is a powerful and influential domain. Those who rise to rule in this domain will have already found the favor of God upon their lives. They are free from the systems of Babylon and the world system. Satan has already shown them the glories of the kingdoms of this world but these people have chosen instead to worship God and serve Him only. They have defeated the god of this world and the philosophies of humanism and the kingdom of self. These men have chosen to serve God instead of mammon. God wants us to exercise dominion in every domain. This Financial domain is bound to the predetermined foreknowledge of God that money, economics, trade and business will fail. ONLY His word is FINAL, ABSOLUTE and IRREFUTABLE.


The Restraining Order On Economies

The prophetic and the proceeding word has been sent forth to put a restraining order over the economies of the world. The spoken word is rebuilding the pathway of the Spirit for the Church to enter into the Time Schedule of heaven. We are shutting down the gates of our enemies. The Word is creating movements in the Spirit. The devil is moving out, we are moving forward and God is moving in. The spoken word places an expiry date on the works of the enemy. Divine intervention is taking place in the nations and God is now calling and declaring to men everywhere that they should repent and return to their corporate destiny in God.

The world Economic Cycle must be interpreted by the Spirit of Truth. We need to perceived accurately what we need to do to realize and desire Wealth Creation. The Spirit of Revelation has revealed the actual Economic Cycle and conditions in the World Today. The Spirit of Understanding will make sure that ALL of God’s people will receive Revelation of what is taking place in them and around them. The Economic of the nations is driven by market forces entrenched in the spirit of greed, covetousness and the spirit of poverty. When the revelation is CLEAR and the spirit of understanding is CERTAIN we can proceed to find wisdom to CARRY OUT or EXECUTE in the way of righteousness we have chosen to live for God and for His People.

The margin of ERROR for its prophetic accuracy is a PLUS or MINUS 2 to 3 years.

The World Economic Cycle is part of a larger schemes of the devil to hold on to his rule on the earth. Thus the avalanche of deception is tied into the enemy’s strategy to plague men with the fear of lack.

The World Economic Cycle is spirit driven. There is an all-out attack on the saints to deceive them to become dependent on the world economic system for all their needs. The arm of flesh will eventually fail them. We need the revelation of how we can become part of the Order of Melchizedek and spend from the pocket of Jehovah.

The World Economic Cycle works on the principle of scarcity and the rule of demand and supply. When the market forces reply to demonic frequency a financial crisis can begin. We must be on the alert for in the final days of time we will have to pass through a volatile market. We must develop the gift of the discerning of spirit. The spirit of greed, covetousness and the spirit of poverty must be identified and bound in our lifestyle. The desire for other things outside the will of God and violating the righteousness of the Kingdom must be cast down. These strongholds will entice God’s people to dishonor and deny God to take His rightful place in their lives.

1 John 2:15

The World Economic Cyclone will become a clear indication that the Kingdom of this world are equally vulnerable to all that is happening. All governments are functional and stable on the breaking of strong economic policies and market forces to drive it. When money fails, the world system will also fail s they are dependent on each other.

The church must step into the new order of Melchizedek so that they can be blessed and become part of a heavenly order of wealth distribution. They will become connected to the God Most High, Possessor of heaven and earth. We can have access to unlimited resources when we are part of this kingdom order. Abraham unlocked the true riches when God promises him that He would be his Great Reward. (Gen 15:1)






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