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The book of Acts features strategic men who created significant moves of the Holy Spirit through their lives.

Strategic men are God’s way to accelerate and enhance what He begins in the earth.

Strategic men are glocal leaders who influence the direction of followership even outside the walls of the church. They are God’s battle axe to wage war against the enemy – to subdue and rule.


I. They carry the dimensions and dynamics of the Holy Spirit

  1. These men hear the voice of God from anywhere and in any situation.
  2. These men live the life of the Spirit and dwell in the heavenly realm.
  3. These men operate the gifts of the Holy Spirit.
  4. These men know how to build in the Spirit and keep the heavens open.

We need those who can know the stirrings of the Spirit in their hearts and mind. We need those who think the things of the Spirit and walk in the Spirit. We need those who know how to pull down strongholds and unseat ancient powers.

These ones have a spiritual position of stature and command a level of intimacy in the Spirit. The Holy Spirit overshadows them and moves through them easily and unhindered. This dimension is our legacy in ISAAC and our contribution to Kingdom advancement in the earth. This dimension is our cutting edge and competency and grace by the Holy Spirit upon my life and ministry.


II. They carry the revelation of the proceeding word.

  1. These men are sensitive to the voice of God consistently and progressively. These men are prophetically inspired and receive God’s word regularly. These men study the Word and rightly divide the Word. These men are God’s mouthpiece in the earth and God’s representatives here – to say, to know and to do what He wants.
  2. These men can discern truth and know accurate doctrine.
  3. These men have the capacity to progressively develop what God is saying.
  4. These men can hear and heed what God is saying and thereby tap into the Spirit of wisdom to build a formidable house that will be impregnable.

These men are full of the word and faith so that they can model what is means for the just to live by faith. These men can outwork salvation with fear and trembling and bring better things accompanying our salvation into reality.


III. They carry the testimony of Christ

  1. These strategic men have a testimony of Christ life in them.
  2. These strategic men have God continually working inside them (Phil 2:12-13).
  3. These strategic men can be trained for succession.
  4. These strategic men are winning by righteousness – a radical opposition to corruption.

These strategic men have a current relevant witness in Christ. We need men who value a good name and reputation. We need men who have good links with churches with high esteem (Acts 16:1).

A good name is better than gold or silver. A good name is invaluable to winning trust of people. This trust factor is becoming crucial to future involvements.


IV.They carry others to greatness

  1. These strategic men use their lives and strength to lead others to greatness.
  2. These strategic men are God sent as pioneers and forerunners to blaze the trails.
  3. These strategic men are genuinely concerned for the Father’s other sons.
  4. These strategic men lead until everyone comes into their own inheritance.

These strategic men carry abundance so others can have more (grace of Jesus – 2 Cor. 8:9). These strategic men have a servant heart and attitude. These strategic men are genuinely concerned for the Father’s interest.

Like the half tribe of Manasseh – left everything of their own inheritance and fought for their brothers until they came into their inheritance.

The Father can depend on them to represent Him well. No manipulation or oppression placed on the brothers. All that they have is at the disposal of the leaders for the common good of the church. A new generation of Josephs, Nehemiahs, Daniels, Barnabas.


V. They carry the heart of the Father

  1. These strategic men have a wholesome covenant relationship with the Father.
  2. These strategic men have the Father as their primary source.
  3. These strategic men have the Father’s mandate as their mission of purpose.
  4. These strategic men are available for the Father’s needs and assignment.

We need those who carry His burden for the other sons. We need those who contribute their quota to national vision. We need those who represent Him and His message accurately.

Many sons enjoy the privileges of sonship but must learn the joy of sacrifice and servant hood.

Without this dimension the heart of the Father will not be known or understood.

Worship The Lord and serve Him only are two dimensions of the same coin.

Without knowing loving, honoring Him you will never know who He is. If you do not know who He is, you will not serve Him well.


VI. They carry the chain of command

  1. These strategic men honor God’s appointed and anointed authority over their lives.
  2. These strategic men recognize the transfer of legacy is possible through this chain of command.
  3. These strategic men represent the set man and his trust without misusing or abusing it.
  4. These strategic men appreciate the protection, oversight and covering.

These strategic men no longer struggle with obedience, accountability and integrity. These strategic men accept the Father’s mandate as their own. These strategic men know when the chain of command is broken and how they can mend it.

Jos. 1:9 – The Lord commands Joshua.

Jos. 1:10 – Joshua commands the officers

Jos. 1:11 – Officers command the people

Jos. 1:14 – People gathered the provisions and organized and commanded their households

The chain of command allows divine command and instructions to be followed and obeyed to the grassroots – conditions to be fulfilled, commands to be obeyed, and instructions to be followed.

Two thousand cubits distance from the Ark, set your course following the priests, march around Jericho once each day, seven times on the 7th day.

The chain of command can flow smoothly and become the essential conducive spirit dimension for kingdom authority to be felt and experienced.

Acts 1 – preparation for the outpouring included setting up the leadership structure for continuity.

Acts 2 – the continuity was realized by setting up proper channels of authority structures around which people gathered and functioned in an accountable way.


VII. They carry a position of stature

  1. These strategic men are low maintenance and who progressively develop themselves.
  2. These strategic men are accurately connected to the set man and model his message in their lives.
  3. These strategic men know a greater sphere of influence on others.
  4. These strategic men discover the power to break limitations and obstacles and hindrances.

These strategic men are always at their best and are readily available. These strategic men are able to take what the Father has and magnify and multiply it. These strategic men have found special place of favor and intimacy in God.

Those who have stature in God often exhibit authority in the spirit world – demons are bound and satanic forces are unseated easily – exercise heavy weight power and influence.

Those who have stature in God reveal their strength is in God and in His manifested presence with them.

Those who have stature in God wield influence everywhere they go and in whatever area they get involved in. Their sphere of influence increases and their role.


VIII. They carry the love for pure doctrine

  1. These strategic men love the spirit of truth and no lie is found on their lips.
  2. These strategic men accept the Word as the final authority for all issues of the heart and life.
  3. These strategic men discern what we need and what we don’t in teaching and truth we do not need to know everything that does not pertain to our life and for living a godly life.
  4. These strategic men are constantly opened to progressive revelation of what God is saying each year and season.

These strategic men draw accurately for the primary source. These strategic men choose and live out the message.

These strategic men know the word is the material for the order in Christ – the word must be understood, believed and accepted so that it will start working from where we are to the ends of the earth.

Pure doctrine is the domain of the apostles (Acts 2:42, Acts 15).

Pure doctrine is needed to form lives and character and the workman.

Pure doctrine and the practice of it will keep decay, decline and destruction away from us (2 Pet 1:3-4).

We must leach pure doctrine – deliver the decrees already decided upon (Acts 16:4).

Pure doctrine established us in Christ Jesus.

Pure doctrine releases Christ in us to manifest in power and might.


IX. They carry the evidence of the transfer of legacy

  1. These strategic men multiply the emphasis and spirit of the message of the Father.
  2. These strategic men manifest the out working of the grace and gifts imparted into them.
  3. These strategic men are walking as accurate representatives of the Father.
  4. These strategic men becoming fathers themselves reproducing the 2nd generation.

These strategic men are developing grace for different domains. These strategic men are multiplying the call and the commission of the alliance. These strategic men are heeding the Kingdom mandate – to disciple the nations.

The transfer of legacy is the proof life and ministry in the extraordinary.

The transfer of legacy connects the generation past with the future generation.

The transfer of legacy consolidates the call and mandate of the strategic man/father.

The transfer of legacy ensures continuity of what God has started through the process of a strategic vessel and life.

Those who receive the legacy relive your call, commission and mandate in their life and time and in their generation.


X. They carry the Kingdom mandate and heed the call to the nations

The nations are the inheritance of the begotten.

The nations and coastlands wait for God’s appointed time of visitation.

  1. These strategic men who capture the heart of God for the nations/masses.
  2. These strategic men who live to turn cities to God – city takers, world changers – a special breed of competent strategic men.
  3. These strategic men who are God’s generals who will possess new territories (a Joshua generation).
  4. These strategic men have stature to be assigned while territories.

These strategic men have sons in the quiver and have raised sons to take them to the gates (Ps 127, Gen 18:17). These strategic men choose to disciple nations and not divide them. These strategic men train the whole church to exercise dominion in every domain.

ISAAC needs strategic men who will create significant moves in the earth. We need what God has given us to be managed and multiplied to the masses until what we are and have become a formidable movement in the earth.

Let us spark off the next reformation. Let us ignite fresh fires in the earth. An engulfing flame that will bring the church into reformation and every nation into Christ centered national transformation.



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