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An Inspired Thought For These Precious Moments From Papa


In every generation there is a receiving, there is a retaining and there is a releasing. There is a receiving from God and all godly values and virtues and all things spiritual. In the retaining process, there is a modelling of the message and the imitating of faith. The outcome will be seen with the results that follow. In the time of release, the people around will receive the message/truth and grace through the outworking of the Holy Spirit. Those receiving will be given the spirit of wisdom to build. As wise master builders, they will receive the authority to bring the work into completion.In the spirit, our parents both natural and spiritual have released something for you to cross over, so that you can enter into the new phase and assignment for your life. One generation secures the promise and the next generation will see the reality. You will have your own battles to fight and God will give you a compounded grace through exclusive obedience to what God has written on your heart, both to will and to do for His great pleasure.

I see a new generation crossing over to their inheritance. May this seed thought bless your heart as you ponder over and treasure it like Mary.


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