Crucial Prayer Points



  1. Be free from racial, religious and regional politics
  • Godly value, virtues and vision to be established. Values that are absolutes, virtues that reflect the measures of the diversities of our integrated culture. Vision of Bangsa Malaysia to become a reality.
  • Every race and religion to be respected. We hear the cry and prayer and aspiration of the Rakyat that there will be equal care for all regions and constituencies.
  • All the peopleto be represented and honored for their contribution.
  • We must lead change. We must inspire and strengthen all those around us who aspire for God’s promise for a greater future and a common destiny.
  • The Malaysian Dream of a Bangsa Malaysia will become a reality for generations to come.
  • Bangsa Malaysia – Faces Without Races


  1. Making Righteousness the Order of Governance
  • To go beyond the routine, rhetoric and ordinary effects of myopic vision of just having good infrastructure, development and growth in every sector.
  • Righteousness exalts a nation and it is the feature of God’s Kingdom.
  • When righteousness is established, there will be peace and joy among the Rakyat.
  • Peace is the pathway to increase and joy is the expression of gratitude for the blessings we can all share together.
  • The order of governance and the creation of a good, clean and effective administration is a must for every reputable government.


  1. Have the wisdom to provide equality for wealth redistribution
  • The redistribution of wealth must be based on the spirit of meritocracy, and quality of performance.
  • To move poverty out of our land by moving out from the paradigm of an entitlement mentality to an Equal Sacrifice, Equal Honor and Equal Right mentality.
  • The goose that lays the golden egg to be kept alive so that the wisdom of good governance will keep the resources of the nation for its people.
  • The financial pie to be enlarged to have more for redistribution.


  1. Be a Malaysia for all Malaysians
  • All those who are born here will be proud to be Malaysians
  • No Malaysians to be treated like foreigners in their own country.
  • We must not forget that we ourselves are only pilgrims on this life’s journey.
  • The Lord God is the Possessor of heaven and earth. Politicians do not own their constituencies. They must know that they are stewards of what God and people have entrusted to them.
  • God will remove those who are arrogant, selfish and greedy in this coming election GE14.


  1. Be a government of peace, progress and prosperity
  • Thank God for His hand upon our lives as we live and labor in an environment of peace, an environment promoting and inspiring progress. This equation will result in prosperity.
  • The Prince of Peace will confirm and establish the conducive atmosphere for growth and development and prosperity. The open heavens above Malaysia will bring favor and approval on our policies, onour politicians and our people, the great Rakyat of Malaysia.
  • Let those who will be elected this GE14 know they are there for the Rakyat.
  • It is not just the People First but People Always.
  • This should be the objective of the politicians in the elected office.


  1. Provide and promote the freedom and full expression of religion (not just the tolerance of it).
  • The National Leaders must legitimize the full and free expression of our faith and spirituality.
  • Each person’s spiritual growth will become the building block for a new emphasis on the Revolution of Values. There must not be low tolerance towards others who also have the right to the full expression of their faith. There must not be inaccurate interpretation of this freedom that is meant for all.
  • The diversity of people be allowed as a way of life. There will be honor of each other’s belief and behavior systems.
  • That, the consciousness of God will keep the people free from sin and corruption and they will live in the fear of God.
  • Let this be an essential contributor for peace and unity,in the midst of diversity we allow anyone and everyone to believe in God the way they want to.
  • That the people will have the fundamental right to live out their faith in freedom and full expression.
  • That we will be able to worship God and serve Him only.
  • That our Godward devotion will result in selfless sacrifice for the people of Malaysia.


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