59th Birthday


6 August 2018


We bow our heads with thanksgiving to God for giving us a man of God who we called Papa.

Truly a General in the Spirit, Our Spiritual Father with many sons across the globe and a mentor for many rising leaders in this generation and the generations to come. His life reflects Christ and through him, many lives are changed and nations transformed.

Thank you, Papa for your life of sacrifice and selflessness that opens up the door for many to know the Father in heaven. We love you, we cherish you and with all our hearts we pray that God will bless you with health and long life with many wonderful great exploits in times to come.


Blessed Birthday!!


Jeremiah 17:7
“Blessed is the man who trusts in the LORD
And whose trust is the LORD.



By Ps Paul & Euodia Smith
(Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia)

Papa JD Birthday 2018 (64)

Today, we celebrate the life of one whom God trusts,
One who He knows will carry out His every command,
One who could command his own household.

Papa, in many ways you are like those mentioned in the Scripture.

Just like Abraham, you are a father of many nations,
Just like him also, you are a friend of God
And you negotiated the destinies of many nations including ours.
For that we salute you.

Just like David, you are a man after God’s own heart,
You fought lions and bears in your early years,
And you had taken down many Goliaths thereafter in the name of the Lord.
For that, we treasure you

Just like Nehemiah, who is a rebuilder of former desolations,
He rebuilt the walls in 52 days, but you rebuilt our hopes,
Strengthened our spirits, igniting our fire, accelerating us into our destinies
And made us men and women who are feared by the underworld.
For that we believe you.

And just like Jesus, who is the Patterned Son,
You obeyed the Father at all costs,
Laying down your life so that others may rise,
You patterned courage, obedience, marriage, family,
Church and Kingdom
For that we pattern you.

And last but not least, you are like our Heavenly Father,
Full of compassion and love, grace and mercy,
Firm yet full of humor, disciplining yet comforting,
We feel assured, sheltered, protected and shielded under your covering,
For that we love you.

Blessed birthday, Papa.

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