Spiritual Awakening

Prophetic Prayer Invasion

And The Coming People Movement

In New Zealand

(Dr. Jonathan David, Presiding Apostle of the International Strategic Alliance of Apostolic Churches (ISAAC) on 29th Oct 2018)


There is a spiritual awakening coming to the shore of this nation New Zealand, this awakening is the sign of God’s favor and tremendous opportunity for the Church to ride on a new wave of the Spirit to bring the nation back to God and to her destiny.  There will be an acceleration of prophetic elements revealing that the appointed time is here. The Kairos moment carries an incredible grace to position ourselves to catch the surfing waves instead of the regular one.

The Sovereign Governor of the nation will release an incorruptible flow of revelation, clear and clean, pure and unadulterated. The Holy Spirit will purify the flow and bring it to prophetic precision. The Holy Spirit who is the spirit of truth will remove the influence of the false prophets, doctrine of demon and the philosophy of men.

God is about to act, people will recognize the work of God in us. God will move on our behalf and others will see and recognize the working of God in us. No man will be able to stand against us when the Lord God is on our side. We will see and experience greater heights and deeper depths things which we have never seen or experienced before. His manifested presence will be felt in New Zealand and carried over to Samoa, Fiji and the islands and the shores that are waiting for Him.

God is about to Act, because of

  1. His Name – is too Holy to be defiled. (Ezek 36: 22)
  2. His Nature – God is a strategist He will execute His plan without delay. (v.23)
  3. His Word – Is impossible for God to lie. (v 36)
  4. His Purpose – God will cause all things to work together for good. (v.23& 26)
  5. His People – His has prepared all these for His People as an inheritance as the joint heirs. (v.28, 36, 27)

This spiritual awakening will grow in strength and in stature, carrying with it the spiritual power to prevail and grace to govern. God will bridge the gap within the culture religion, race and social economic status. God has put in New Zealand the restraining order on the demonic powers and their activities. The spirit of contention and conflict is going to be cut off. The resentment and the disappointment of the past generation has been bound from impacting the present generation. The Holy Spirit will baptize us with fire so that we can see the reconnecting of the generations and restoration of the legacy.

This spiritual awakening will put the church in the driver’s seat so that she can lead the nation for national transformation. This is an inception of the new role for the church. The Church Jesus is building in New Zealand will take cities, change the environment and atmosphere. The Church will change the spirit of righteous man and bring them to perfection. There will be an incredible power to touch lives, change life and direct them to the path of destiny.

The people in New Zealand are in transition, God is sending a fresh flow of this spiritual awakening to bring them back to life. Something supernatural is about to happen, first in His church then it will be spread out to the street affecting people, paradigms, attitude, lifestyle and purpose. The people everywhere will be very open to cross cultural barriers, racial barriers and social barriers. They will learn what is mean to synergize and operate in the power of one. The intensity of passion for National Transformation will be in the church as well as in those outside the church. The church will be moving under an open heaven.

God will raise up and reposition strategic men and give them access to the throne of grace for the assignment of the national transformation. God will reform the church reveal the Christ and rebuild the city. Strategic man will rise to the full stature of Christ taking dominion over domains and demonstrating the power of the Holy Spirit.

Finally, there will be a powerful prayer invasion that will sweep over in New Zealand. People will not only be praying in the church or just in the parliament but in the streets, shopping malls and in other places. The restoration of the Kingdom’s prayer will bring sovereign intervention in the nation challenging politicians for accurate governance of the land. Prayer will be the power that will cut off satanic influence over the climate, over government policy and in accurate governance. There will be a prayer movement in every institutions revealing a repentance and the fear of God is present in this nation.

The prayer movement will give birth to a people movement and the new dimension of patriotism will emerge in New Zealand. God will bring different nations together in spite of diverse culture, the kingdom culture will prevail. Are you ready for the new nation in God? It is inevitable that we will see this in our life time! New Zealand will be great again when the church takes her place and lead the nation into national transformation and into her prophetic destiny.


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