Prophecy Over China


Extracted from SOS 2017; Session 16 (23:00 to 25:50)

Let me just get around the globe.  Let’s walk with God among the nations.

I see tremendous move of God in China.  Move of God that will spread not only because of the infrastructure but because of safety and security.  So many things will happen in the villages; the people in the villages will be taken out and send to the cities and from cities to cities to the ends of the earth.  The hand of God is coming mighty upon them.

And He is looking for key men just like He raised John Sung; He raised Watchman Lee and Wong Ming Tau.  God is going to raise up new men to pull the churches together.  The underground churches will begin to come out, they will not hide anymore.  The manifestation of those sons of God will be manifesting in the days to come.

This decade is a special decade.  God is not only calling Isaac.  When you come out you’ll see that Isaac is bigger than you think.  People are going to walk in this frequency.  I can see supernatural breaking down of power in many places.  Hundreds and hundreds of the villages will see light and God’s glory and they will be saved, they’ll be healed and delivered.  The authorities will have fear because they are entering into God’s zone.  This is going to be God’s country.  Many parts of China will suddenly have the move of the Holy Spirit sparking out one after the other.  There will be too many to control.  There will be too many to put in prison or to execute but God by His mercy is raising a new generation who are fearless, who set their face like a flint and many of them are going to be called out by supernatural means.  The whole village; the whole city; the whole company of people in the whole train, in the buses, in the lorries as they are going up the hill; the lorries seem to come down and fall through the ravine but the hand of God brings them back all the way up on the road.  They are going to be supernaturally saved.  God is going to save them by bus loads, truck loads, train loads, ship loads because they are going to see something powerful happen upon their lives like never before.  


Prophecy Fulfilled:

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