Dear Prophetic Partners in Destiny,

The Prophetic Word for 2018 has gone out.

Strategic Men of Stature

Positioned in Prophetic Precision

Creating Significant Moves

God is raising global leaders with stature who have been well trained to hear His Prophetic voice with accuracy and precision. These men are strategically positioned to carry the Kingdom mandate into the city and their nation. The heavens are opened above them and the demonstration of the Holy Spirit to create significant moves is falling in place. Strategic connections and links are bringing together a new nation, a holy nation and the Kingdom of God in manifestation.

Global Leaders Summit and Intensive Training for ISAAC Pastors 2018 are Imperative, vital and life saving. We are sending the marching orders to all who are:

  1. Connected to the frequency of the Spirit of Truth.
  2. Committed to relationship and covenant.
  3. Consecrated to the partnership in integrity, honor and loyalty.
  4. Commissioned to the cause and corporate destiny.
  5. Complete the synergy and its process empowering the Alliance to become a winning team.
  6. Compliment to the progress and development of the infrastructure for the Church of the Future to arise.
  7. Communicate, be available and accessible to ISAAC’s Presiding Apostle.


The Priority of Purpose for Gathering

  • We are gathering for strength, strengthening the arrowhead leadership.
  • We are gathering for synergy choosing to make our working relationship stronger, smoother, and submitting to the rules of engagement.
  • We are gathering together to increase our corporate anointing, its resulting stature, to influence the city and advance the territory.
  • We are gathering for stewardship and accountability, giving the accounts of our lives to the grace and gifts that has been transferred into our lives.
  • We are gathering together for prophetic shifts, developing new paradigm, discern the times to stay relevant.
  • We are gathering together for sonship and succession, moving from the spirit of slavery to the Spirit of Adoption and vow to continue to sustain, maintain, contain, to develop and create momentum of what God has begun.
  • We are gathering to the primary source of pure uncontaminated dimensions of the Spirit and the Word.


We are coming home with incredible testimonies of life. Let’s meet each other in righteousness, peace and joy in the Holy Ghost.

When God moves in our nations He will move sovereignly – strategically – suddenly – simultaneously – spontaneously – scripturally – from the sanctuary – in God’s seasons – to mature the saints into sonship – and for the purpose of succession.

God has given me an amazing revelation of the Open Heavens, the Last Reformation of the church, the final outpouring of the Holy Spirit and the ultimate Kingdom manifestation.

When the Order of Melchizedek is fully functioning, this Kingly Priesthood will flow from the Throne Room to the Upper Room and then to the Class Room. The River of Life will flow from the Holy Place then to the Appointed Place and finally to the Market Place. The stirrings of the Holy Spirit, the fine tuned frequencies of our spirit and the equalization of our mind in the Spirit of Truth will mature the saints into sonship bringing forth the manifestation of the Son of God in the sons of God. The Father’s Decree, the Son’s Dominion and the Holy Spirit’s Demonstration will be inevitable.

The Church Unusual will experience Zion when this Priesthood of the Order of Melchizedek is established. When we come under the Eternal priesthood of the Lord Jesus Christ, we will defeat death and be crowned in immortality. There will be freedom in our spirit – an exuberant and buoyancy. There will be liberty in the atmosphere. The Spirit is the law. There will be a sense of anticipation in the hearts of God’s people; faith for the miraculous and love for the Godhead. The mind of the people will be God conscious and He will be among them. There will be a stronger prophetic flow and God’s Proceeding Word will bring adjustment and alignment bringing order in creation and subdue the rise of the wicked and ungodly. The God Encounter in worship will get stronger and the dimensions of the Spirit world will manifest in the midst of God’s people.

Do not delay your call to greatness and wholeness because God is extending His hands to invite you to qualify you to sit at the Council Chamber of the Godhead. You will then understand the extending executive arm of God’s government penetrating across the kingdoms of this world. Strategic men are being called for this upward call. Let us take our place in history by bringing an end to the sin age and usher in the beginning of the age of Righteousness. The Church will be able to discern and identify the work of the Holy Spirit exposing the spirit of error. There will be an increase of Kingdom governance not only in churches but also in nations. This will bring an end to lawlessness, oppression and terror. The Church will move from good to great and to glory of God in the highest. The mixture in the church of the Dark Ages will be exposed and nullified.

THESE incredible revelations of the open heaven, prophetic precision, strategic positions and spirit demonstrations are going to change the course of our ministry accelerating the prophetic flow. We are being led and taught by the Holy Spirit.


What to do next?

  1. The All Sufficient Grace will abound in the Global Leaders Summit and ITIP. We pray that God will show His kind intentions and bring you home for this International Gathering.
  2. I would to God ALL ISAAC pastors and their wives will be here for the GLS and ITIP. We have limited seating in the Majestic Hall. This year we will stop at 900. There will be no overflow room.
  3. Register NOW for the conference at the link below.




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