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Reports on the Japan Conference 2017



Report by Cyrus Gomez


Japan – Return To God, Return to Destiny


In 2013, God spoke to Dr. Jonathan David and Rev. Helen David to change the atmosphere of Japan by carrying the prophetic Word to the nation of Japan. The Word of the Lord that was sowed in 2013, is now seen, felt and heard as we took a journey back to Japan on 2-4 August. The conference was hosted by Dr. Minoru Okuyama, a highly respected Christian leader in Japan who is regarded as a father figure in the Christian community of Japan. When Dr.Okuyama and his wife spoke to Dr. Jonathan, he said that “the difference between you and other ministers who have come to Japan is that when you came in 2013, you financed the whole conference, which is often unheard of. I have never seen this done before”.


As the conference began, we realised that the Word of the Lord sent forth in 2013 had already created a hunger in people’s hearts for more of God and for the future that God has in store for them. In typical setting of conferences, the first day often feels like a plane circling the runway getting ready fortake-off but here, the plane was already high up in the air from the first day itself. As soon as the Word went forth, the saints in Japan gravitated towards the proceeding Word.There were about 300 people on the first day, a sizeable crowd by Japan’s standards. They were like Gideon’s army of 300 strong men and women ready for the marching orders coming straight from heaven into theirhearts. The atmosphere pulsating with faith and expectancy kept the room alive and intense.


Among the words that hit a deep chord with the saints at the conference was the statement issued from heaven: “Do not keep saying Japan is a hard ground, it’s only hard because we don’t know what to do”. The liberation in people’s minds and hearts could be felt as this proceeding Word was sent out. Also, when they heard that Japan is the land of the rising Son (Christ himself), a sense of hope for a better future started to rise in the spirits of man, being perfected by the clear and precise Word that was flowing from the Throne of Grace.


Pastor Akira Mori, one of the best interpreters in Japan and another respected figure in the Christian community, was interpreting once again for Dr. Jonathan David. His first experience of interpreting for Dr Jonathan David in 2013 left an imprint of the prophetic deep in his spirit.As he testified on the last day of the conference about what has been spoken for the past 3 days, he mentioned that this Word is the key to unlock the nation of the rising sun.


The Lord once again opened the way for this message to have a reach of 12,000 more people when Dr. Jonathan David was interviewed by the leading Christian magazine in Japan. The Word of the Lord for Japan is reaching the people one way or another. This Word cannot be stopped as it has the unstoppable grace attached to it and in it!


As the conference continued to the 2nd and 3rdday, it felt like the prophetic Word that was permeating in the atmosphere has found a place to earth itself to be grounded and rooted. In 2013, the Word was sent into the atmosphere, and in 2017 that Word has found its way into the hearts of man and woman who were ready and hungry to turn Japan around for Christ. The depth of what is happening in Japan is amazing as leaders and members of churches are coming from all parts of Japan to hear and heed the current Word of the Lord. The void in the atmosphere caused by questions in the hearts of the saints in Japan such as “Lord, what next?” and “Lord, tell us what to do” was heard by the Lord and he answered them in these three days of God encounter in Japan.


Japan’s return to God and return to Destiny is becoming a reality!



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