Breaking of a new day

Malaysia, Rise to Your Destiny!


Dear Prophetic Partners in Destiny,

Warmest Greetings and sincere love from Mum and I!


Let me challenge you with these thoughts.

Act 7:17  “But as the time of the promise was approaching which God had assured to Abraham, the people increased and multiplied in Egypt,


Act 7:19  “It was he who took shrewd advantage of our race and mistreated our fathers so that they would expose their infants and they would not survive.

Act 7:20  “It was at this time that Moses was born; and he was lovely in the sight of God, and he was nurtured three months in his father’s home.


1. “But as the time of the promise was approaching (which God assured to Abraham)

The time of our visitation is here and Now is. The empowering grace is shielding us from becoming overwhelmed by all the issues pertaining to our land. Now is the set time to train our people to become steadfast and. Expect the time of God’s favor to strengthen ourselves in what we believe and who we believe in.

The time has come for the church to strategically position herself for the work outside the 4 walls of the church. It is time to lead beyond the walls and influence our community as God’s agent of change. The time is now here for the church to become His voice and a moral conscience for the people of the land.

The winds of change will hit every city and influence every domain. The appointed time of God’s intervention comes with the power to prevail land the grace to govern. These are not times to fear but times to renew our faith in the Sovereign God. (Acts 4: 27 – 30)

Watch in awe as the Sovereign God causes all things to work for good. (Rm. 8:28)

This is the time to rise and speak. This is the time to pray, preach and prophesy until revival comes.


2. The people increased in number and multiplied their influence in Egypt.

God’s people must be strengthened and lifted to another level of faith. They must increase not just numerically but in character, in charisma, in courage, in competency and in their capacity to draw more of God down. God’s people are always pushed to the corner and are often battered for the state of our nation by immature prophets and prophetic ministry. We are told if we do not do this or that then we will all suffer the consequences of the wickedness. This frame of thought is only partially true!

As intercessors we need to carry the material and substance for the rebuilding of our nation. We must not just cry. We need to carry the word of God in our mouth so that we can speak to the dry bones. God’s people must increase and multiply so that our impact from heaven will bring the days of heaven on earth. I foresee a supernatural awakening in His church. The Christ will be revealed. The church will be reformed. The City will be revealed. The greatest opportunity and moment is here for God’s people. When the church pastors feed the church on revelation knowledge and understanding, it will increase and multiply our capacity to impact our nation (Jer. 3: 15 – 16). God’s people will carry the Presence of God throughout the land. We must not allow immature prophets to sow the seed of fear and demoralize our own people and destabilize our faith. We must get God’s people to negotiate from the position of victory rather than from the mentality of a victim. We must put the right ingredients into God’s people so that they will rise. God’s people must get themselves into synergizing faith and corporate anointing for a more coordinated people movement. God’s people must influence and impact the community. Pastors lead the people to become the agent of change.


3. “until there arose another king over Egypt who know nothing about Joseph”

Drastic political changes are coming that will eventually change and turn our nation around. These changes will become irreversible and will lead the people from the political slavery into the real freedom as God has planned and what the Constitution provides.

The current political system has forgotten our history and the honest provisions in our Federal Constitution. Politicians are wrecking the fabric of our unity and harmony in our land. The new Pharaohs do not know the valued contribution of all races. The diversity when respected will create a powerful opportunity for better integration and interaction of our communities.

Joseph turned Egypt to become a hub for nations to connect and become blessed. Their administration literally protected other nations from destruction and decline and death.


4. “It was he who took shrewd advantage of our race and mistreated our fathers.”

The unfair and unwise and reactionary style of administration and governance incline towards manipulation through religious and racial undertones will eventually collapse and backfire. The political changes will become a better and fairer playing field for all. It will and must honor the sacrifices and contributions of all races and religion in nation building. Honor must be accorded to all. The political climate in the future will be one steeped in righteousness removing the reproach of corruption and corrupt man. It must become a government of righteousness. It is righteousness that exalts a nation not just the infrastructure or fiscal policies. The government will be one without prejudice as they honor all to whom honor is due. The government must be one in equality. This will allow equal opportunities in education, business and politics for all races on a level playing field based on meritocracy.

The government will revoke draconian laws that are unfavorable to the rakyat bringing peace instead of fear and release the people into the freedom we have wanted for so long. The people’s voice will be heard in our land.

No one will manipulate and take shrewd advantage of the religious and racial issues to create a continual division among the people. The mistreatment of our fathers will be pulled down so that the people will prosper. Those who are fanning unholy fires will be burnt.


5. “So that they would expose their infants and they would not survive”

We are hard pressed to protect the next generation of our sons and daughters. They have been given an unenviable position of decline and decay. They are walking straight into collapsing systems. The government must become relevant by removing limitations, restrictions and ridiculous bureaucracies and red tape so that professional Malaysians can return to the fatherland for nation building. There is a whole generation of our sons and daughters labor to build in other nations who will return for this national assignment of rebuilding cities and systems. The government must pave the wave and create space for their return to their inheritance and destiny.


6. “It was at this time that Moses was born”

There is also a new breed rising in our land irrespective of race and religion. This ANAK Malaysia will become the key to unlock the better and greater future in our land. This is a new breed without greed, a radical opposition to corruption who will win in righteousness. They will be like Moses the deliverer. Many people groups will come out from captivity because this finishing generation has received the heaven’s mandate to lead beyond the walls. The future is not given into the hands of corrupt politicians and their cronies. The greater Malaysia will soon take shape and form in these coming years. More and more will integrate for the common cause for the rebuilding of our nation.


7. “But when he was approaching the age of forty it enter his heart and mind”

God will raise our city takers, world changer and nation builders. They will dismantle the dead corrupt systems and structure to move this nation forward. There is a stirring of the Spirit upon our land and everyone is echoing enough is enough. The earth is groaning and the creation is groaning wanting to become free from the slavery to corruption and enter into the freedom of the sons of God.


Preach Pray and Prophesy until Revival comes to our land and Reformation breaks out in our churches.


Do not fear the calamities and other trials that may come into our land. The allowable test will be accompanied by God’s deliverance and mercy. The casualties will be minimized. People will testify of His goodness and care over our nation.


We need to live under the shadow of the Almighty and find a place of true rest in God. Even though God has shown me some storms coming our way, God has assured me His divine protection. The warring angels have been dispensed over Malaysia to be our reinforcement. Stay in the BOAT and listen to the One who is in you. Do not let your fear intimidate your faith.


  • Set your faith free and let the miracles begin!
  • Set your faith free to do the impossible.
  • Set your mind free to think the impossible possible.
  • Start doing the needed and let the miracles begin!


Our prayer for your peace and protection will result in your progress and prosperity.

Be Blessed and stay accurately connected in Covenant.

God’s servant,
Dr. Jonathan David


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