Separating Fear-Mongers from True Prophets


Dear Prophetic Partners in Destiny,

Warmest Greetings and sincere love from Mum and I!

Speaking and foretelling worst-case scenarios does not constitute to prophecy. When racial tension is stroked among races and when it goes unchecked will eventually result in something far worse. Foretelling “that” is not rocket science or prophecies.

Many prophecies are flying around in our nations as random arrows and one will eventually hit you. We feel we need to address these issues and separate fear-mongers form true prophets. Not everyone who prophesies is a prophet but all prophets prophesy. We need to separate the wheat from the tares or else we will discourage the genuine church and those who are sincerely moving on with God and are interceding for our nation.


We prophesy:

1. According to the Faith Given to Us

How clearly have we heard the spoken word from God? Are we absolutely sure this is His word and this is His voice? We must know by revelation that this is God and no other voice. God has allotted to each one the measure of faith (Rm. 12:3)

2. According to the Grace Given to Us Through the Holy Spirit

The prophetic word given to us must capture our hearts and work deeply into us the message of God. We must carry the essence and depth of the word to the people. (Rm. 12:6, 1 Cor. 13:12)


3. According to the Measure we Know or It Has Been Revealed to Us

We know in part and we prophesy in part. God does not give everything away at the same time as it may overwhelm us. (1 Cor. 13:9). One prophet will not know everything.


4. According to the Purposes of God

The clearer we are of God’s eternal purpose the more adjusted, aligned and accurate the prophecy will be. We can bring the prophetic word into the contextual point and read it wisely. The predestined purpose of God is then guarded sovereignly and we can trust God to keep it under His rule.


5. According to the Spiritual Maturity and Stature

Not all prophets are on the same level in maturity or stature. “One of them named Agabus stood up and began to indicate by the Spirit (Acts 11:28). We can see that one of them stood out from some of the prophets. (Acts 11:27)

6. According to the Development of the Gifts and Grace

Some operate on the level of the spirit of prophecy, while others according to the gift of prophecy. The third level operation starts with the ministry gifts of a prophet. At this level the prophetic carries more than edification, exhortation and comfort. The prophetic gift also carries revelation, direction, counsel and predictions. (1 Cor. 14:29 – 33)


7. According to Inspiration of the Spirit of God Working Within Us

The Holy Spirit inspires us to hit the frequency of the prophetic and the utterance is given to us. The proceeding word is given to us at that moment. That proceeding word enlightens us and the articulation of that word touches those who need to hear. The people touched will each receive it according to their level of faith and spiritual maturity.


Our prayer for your peace and protection will result in your progress and prosperity.

Be Blessed and stay accurately connected in Covenant.

God’s servant,
Dr. Jonathan David


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