The Dream: Fierce Battles to Keep Our Inheritance

The proclamation of the Kingdom is a declaration of war. When we proclaim “Thy Kingdom Come” we are standing as His representative here on earth and we are creating a portal for the King to rule and exercise dominion. The King will set up His government on this territory gained and this domain will be marked as Kingdom territory. Fierce battles will be fought to bring in the Kingdom and valiant men will bring Kingdom presence with power and authority. We must establish government on territories taken, by executing His will in and through our lives thus taking new territories back from Satanic dominion.

On 3rd January, I had a dream, that showed me the intensity of battles coming. I saw raging fires sent by Satanic forces to burn down our territories and take us out of our inheritance. Behind the raging fires were hunters/demonic forces to enforce the evacuation of the saints from their inheritance. I was standing as a lion on my territory and inheritance that God has given me. The fires could not come into my territory as the boundaries were clearly marked by what looked like a 40 feet wide demarcation. The Lion of Judah was roaring within me. The sound of His Voice was louder than the crackling of flames. Those who were displaced from their inheritance because of the fires and enforcing hunters were running and coming into the safety of our territory. Though I was wounded in the intensity of the battle, the sound of my voice like the roaring Lion of Judah was crystal clear helping guide the people into the direction of safety. All those who were covenanted and connected were behind me in the safe environment. God has promised me that He will bring us into the place of safety and keep us under the shadow of His presence. No weapon formed against us shall prosper!

The intensity of the dream left a mark of urgency in my heart that I must preserve the territory and legacy of our inheritance because what He has given to us is going to be shared, multiplied and distributed. The doctrines and the dimensions of the Spirit and the pattern of Kingdom lifestyle must be kept uncontaminated and undefiled. Many lives are going to be preserved though many will be displaced because of the intensity of the battle yet they will be protected as they come into what we have inherited and laboured for.

In hind sight, I realised I could not save and protect everyone and this crushed me with deep sorrow. I knew I had to keep on roaring and roaring so that even when they cannot see my face, they can hear my voice and escape to safety.

I implore you by the mercies of God to lay hold of what you have received. Nurture and multiply it. Push through until you come to believe and live in what you believe. Thousands of lives are going to be changed by what you have received and what you carry. Let the frequencies of heaven and the message of the Kingdom resonate within your heart. Articulate this heavenly utterance and let the earth hear His voice. Fight the good fight of faith, and finish strong as we take His Kingdom advance to the next level.

God’s servant,
Dr. Jonathan David


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